Life rules!

How great is it that we have a kid that is an academic genius, a gifted artist, and an accomplished sportsman?  I tell you, he hasn’t learned any of these things at home, so daycare is surely worth every penny.  I expect he’ll be able to pay his own way through college after we sell off his works of art.  If not, he will surely have schools fighting over him with plush scholarships.  Or maybe he’ll just go pro right from daycare. That would be some kind of record, I bet.  As evidence to you doubters out there, I present photographic evidence of his limitless talent.

Brillant art, perfect spelling, and exquisite penmanship

The ability to turn an ordinary turd into an Elephont

And finally, to our utter delight, he won this on Friday!

15 responses to “Life rules!

  1. I think his transformation of the turd is my favorite.

  2. I like his artistc rendering of the blue tent the best. Very dramatic.

    Wait….isn’t it spelled marshmAllow?

  3. Is the goldfish still alive? How appropriate that there is a picture of a tent. When are you going to take him camping? In the rain? With a leaky tent? During a hurricane? Love to all of you.

  4. Y’all crack me up!

  5. Oooh, a fish! That is a good prize. Begin killing it forthwith.

    I enjoy the elephont, personally.

  6. So, what didya name the fish??? 🙂

  7. I named the fish ‘Monty’ and kept it alive for 24 hours before giving it to friends who have a fish tank and are used to taking care of such creatures. Until that point, it was swimming in a glass vase I found and I was feeding it tiny pieces of lettuce and grapes, which is what Dr. Google told me to do.

  8. I’d like to bid 1.2 million on the turd.. err.. elephont! It will look darling above our sofa.

  9. Very impressive and adorable artwork!

    I especially enjoy the fact that you fed Monty lettuce and grapes. Who knew?

  10. Wow! Miles is quite the artiste!

  11. Too funny. We have the same thing going on here – a budding rocket scientist we can lay no claim to molding. 🙂 Reason #672 to be grateful for daycare!

    p.s. What did he do to win the fish??

  12. K- Good question, and one we’ve been tossing around in our heads as well. Perhaps he slam-dunked a basketball?

  13. Love Invents Us

    Limitless talent for sure. Go Miles!!!

  14. Clearly he is a gifted young man! So cute.

  15. Have you heard of that girl whose parents were selling her paintings for millions when she was a toddler? I looked at some fingerpainted blob today and wondered if I could get in on that racket. You two should also look into it. 🙂

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