Sweet 15

As you may have noticed, we’re not the kind of people who write letters to our son every month, not that there’s anything wrong with that. We do fill out his baby book with his new words, new teeth and new milestones. We’ve noticed turning points in his behavior, the ends of some of the things he used to do, and the beginnings of others. 9 months was a very fun time for all of us, for the most part. And while things have gotten easier since those trying newborn days, I never thought to myself “THIS is the best age so far!” because there were always good and not-so-good things he’s been doing at each.

Until this month. Strange as it may seem, his 15th month has been a blast, with just a couple unfortunate moments thrown in (a tantrum here or there centered around him being overtired). But wow…15 months has been pretty awesome. He is saying more words, his fine motor skills that are not food-oriented have finally increased, and we just ‘get’ him so much better these days. He has become loads more fun than he used to be, even though he’s been fun for a while.

Just to name a few noticeable things this month…he pays much more attention when trying to repeat things we say. He’s started saying ‘Go go go!’ when we’re nearly ready to head out the door in the mornings. When he drinks from his cup at his high chair or a table, he gently places his cup in the cupholder of his tray or on the table when he’s done, instead of just dropping it. When we’re stopped at a red light, if I reach my hand over to his carseat, he’ll take it and giggle. He also loves giving people ‘high fives.’ He’ll beeline for the front door when you ask if he wants to go outside. He has a friend at daycare named Andrew, and will say ‘A-joo’ before we even get inside. He loves play-wrestling with us, climbing on us, being swung by us. He makes crazy faces and squeals with delight when we kiss his neck or belly, or chase him around. We look at him and we usually see a happy, inquisitive little boy…and we just love the child he is becoming.

I don’t know how sappy all of that is, but I know I used to be curious about what he might be doing at a certain age so I thought it was important to note that 15 months was a wonderful time all around. Fingers crossed for 16!

8 responses to “Sweet 15

  1. Next in Line

    That sounds like so much fun. Wow I can’t wait now. I am really enjoying 8 months right now.

  2. Love Invents Us

    Very cool! He sounds like a fun boy.

  3. Aw, this is sweet. I’m happy to read it as I’m submerged in newborn-land. I love imagining our kiddo running around, talking, and giving high-fives!

  4. “A Jew? Here in England?” 🙂

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it! Sounds like he’s starting to develop his own personality. I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

  5. You’re right about 9 months being a lot of fun. It’s great to hear that it just keeps getting better.

  6. how adorable are those pictures?!

  7. aww! what a big boy he is becoming. love the photos!

  8. Sounds totally adorable! We are looking forward to seeing him again soon!

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