Don’t call us, we’ll call you

40 weeks 2 days, still pregnant.

Public Service Announcement:  Asking where the baby is does not do any of the following:

  • make him get here sooner
  • make his moms feel any better

There has been an astonishing amount of “checking in” going on.  Relatives dropping emails and phone calls.  Friends posting on facebook.  Text messages.  Random coworkers calling, emailing, or stopping by our desks to check in.  It’s not helping.  I mean, do people honestly think we will forget to tell them when he arrives?  If that is indeed the case, let me reassure everyone out there that there is a draft post in the queue of this blog waiting for details, a draft email at both of our work places, a draft email in our personal email account, and even a draft birth announcement on a photo printing site.  Address labels and return address labels for the birth announcements are printed and stamps are in our possession.  We love you all, but please just wait for us to let you know.

Disclaimer: This PSA is not directed at anyone in particular.  We truly appreciate everyone’s support, especially our fellow bloggers.  Any resemblance to any person living or dead is mere coincidence.

14 responses to “Don’t call us, we’ll call you

  1. I’ll be brave and comment 😉

    Reading this I’m glad Danny unexpectedly came 2 weeks before Su was due. I had no idea how stressful it could in terms of all the well meaning questions.

    So there. Have a wonderful day Nutella and Strawberry! -Monica

  2. people truly are strange… ’bout now i bet you were wishing you could sneak off and hide till you are ready to give birth in the backyard or garage like my childhood cat used to do when she had had too much pestering!

  3. hahaha I was livid when that happened to me… I was in early labor and just wanted to labor and be with my hubs and I had a gazzillion people calling me.. it was soooo frustruating! One close girlfriend called me 10 times and I wouldn’t answer the phone.. she had the nerve to show up at my house!!!! gah! good luck… and I hope baby arrives soo.

  4. When Leigh was taking her sweet time deciding to join us, we changed our voicemail to say that we promised we’d send word as soon as the baby arrived, but if they were nervous they wouldn’t hear, they should leave their e-mail on the machine. We proceeded to screen absolutely every call. I recommend the practice, though it won’t save you from well-meaning co-workers.

    And anabelle…showing up at the house? Sheesh.

  5. Oh guys.. this is hard. I am sorry that people are pestering. I was going to email Strawberry back last night to ask more questions and thought better of it. Please know that you are both in my mind quite a bit. And I am ready for that draft blog post to be published. xoxoxo L

  6. We’re going to be nearby tonight, can we call to see if it’s OK to stop by and drop off English chocolate?

  7. Whoa- I would completely feel the same way! I have to admit that your post made me giggle a bit.

  8. I loved your PSA. I’ll just send ::hugs:: and tell you that I am eager to read that draft post once it’s published!

    PS – Can you blame cupcake for not wanting to come? You’ve made such a wonderful home! It’s so warm and cozy and loving in there!

  9. WOW.

    You are officially more organized than any expectant parents I have ever heard of in my life.

  10. I soooooo hear you on this one! I would growl everytime the phone would ring! LOL! One night at about 41 weeks I made S send her family an email telling them not to call us anymore, ever. I regretted it the next morning and we allowed them to contact us again. Between hormones, anxiety and stress, it is not an easy time!

  11. I second the organization comment and am now stressing about buying stamps before the baby comes.

    Hugs to you–week 41 must be the hardest of them all.

  12. I’ve been updating my fb status every single day for the last week or so. That is preventing well meaning friends from checking in to see if the baby is here or not yet. And this week I started saying the same thing to every co-worker who asked, regardless of how many times they ask. Some have stopped. Others don’t seem to tire of the repeatition. But now its a fun little game for me (who will stick it out longer, the baby or the nosey co-worker?)

    My mom on the other hand, well, some people can’t be changed!

  13. haha! the week before i had osca (two days early!) my brothert called me and said, “nikki 9(our sister) and i are tired of waiting for you to have this baby.” i could have killed him.

  14. oh, and with miles (10 days late) i just stopped taking calls once i was five over due and ny section was cancelled. i just couldn’t handle the press, so nelson fielded all calls.

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