Over the Hill

The due date has come and gone and we are officially on the other side of 40 now. We are sure Nutella’s body continues to make more progress, however, things are slow and steady and have not yet crossed over into active labor. We highly anticipate that moment. Until then, the wait is at times excruciating because…well, aren’t they all when you’re waiting on something important?

We’ve been continuing to take walks and do some of the fun and not-so-fun ways of trying to induce labor, but basically it’s gonna happen when it happens. This weekend marks the 6 year anniversary of the day we met/our first date, so it would be nice if it coincided with Cupcake’s birth.

I had a serious chat with the little boy last night, letting him know just how much he is loved and wanted, how we ache to meet him and how many wonderful things there are to see and do out here. He responded by wiggling his butt back and forth, and moving various body parts (arms, legs) outwards (good boy, but the exit is DOWN). We know he is still doing well in there but hope he will be able to bask in the glorious heat wave that is coming to our area over the next few days.

11 responses to “Over the Hill

  1. Oooh Cupcake!! We can’t wait for you to come out and meet the world!!

  2. Ding! Time for little cupcake to come out. Done to perfection of course! -Monica

  3. isn’t it funny how every pregnancy and labor is different. Things can either go so slow or so fast but either way Cupcake will be with you all one day soon :]
    I think its so cute that he wiggled his little but at you…what a stinker

  4. hang in there! my former sister-in-law had to wait extra for the ‘active’ start, but ended up with only 6 hours of the really hard stuff (no meds, no tearing, 4 pushes) this may pay off very nicely for you!

  5. Come on Cupcake – it is not just your moms that want to meet you. I would love to hear your labor inducing attempts – if you want to share. I am so excited for the good news.

  6. He has to come out eventually. That’s what I kept telling myself as I drifted further and further from my due date. Miles was 10 excruciating days late and I was a whole lotta pregnant. But, he will come and the wait will be insignificant.

  7. Now he will definitely be a Taurus.. YEAHHHHHHH !:) can’t wait to see him!!

  8. Come on baby!!!! THinking about you. I see myself in your shoes in 4 weeks!

  9. I can only imagine how difficult the wait must be, especially when you’re past 40. Hang in there–I’m thinking about you two!

  10. I should say three, didn’t mean to leave out cupcake–the star of the show.

  11. Come on out, Cupcake! Your mommies are waiting to meet you! (As are all of your blogging buddies!)

    Good Luck with everything Ladies! We’re patiently waiting for the next update!

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