Monthly Archives: May 2014


It’s been a while, and we do apologize, but it’s time…after 6 years, to perhaps officially bid this blog farewell.

We began blogging a few months before Curly was conceived, having a fairly¬†easy journey of it overall. Yesterday, Curly turned 5 years old…forever leaving the territory of baby/toddler/pre-schooler (well, until he graduates at the end of the month) and entering the realm of “kid,” at which he will stay for years to come with any luck.

We’ve learned so much as parents, and continue to keep learning every day. Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned, which I thought I already knew but still come to terms with on a daily basis, is that you get what you get. Your child will have their own ingrained, larger-than-life personality no matter what you do, and it’s your job as a parent to deal with it, cherish it, foster it, or whatever you need to do, but there it is. There are a million highs and lows of being a parent every day, and there is nothing quite like it, no matter how it came into being. Caring for, loving, and being fully responsible for another human being is the most insane thing anyone can possibly do, and yet, there it is.

Anyway, Nutella has been feeling particularly nostalgic about this birthday. It’s a combination of losing the “babyhood”…a reflection of the birth and how hard it was (even 5 years later, sigh)…being grateful for what we have…sad about what we don’t… yeah. 5 is big. Curly was over the moon though. We gave him a freshly-baked scone for breakfast, put out a pile of presents for him, made fruit skewers and goody bags for school, he got a purple paper crown from his teachers, hugs from his friends, and a spectacular cake in the evening, complete with more friends and laughter and screeching and presents. Happy kid (until it had to end that is!) We’re also headed to the land of the Mouse this weekend so he can have breakfast with his favorite characters and, his favorite thing, go on some rides. His present from mommy and Ima was the official autograph book for the event.

We are settled in our new home, happy with our jobs, feeling better about the house, and connecting with some great people. It’s all fallen into place, but we’re still open to see what the future holds. Thank you to everyone for following us on our journey. Happy to be in touch with so many of you still, especially other “alumni” bloggers. And don’t worry, we’ll still be around the blogosphere and commenting sometimes. Adieu….