This time last year…

On April 29, 2009, contractions began. Nutella labored at home all day and we finally went to the birth center around midnight. Unfortunately, the contractions weren’t very productive.  Much time passed, and we ended up transferring to the hospital by the following morning. There, an avalanche of invasive but mostly necessary things happened before our son would join us on the outside. I will always remember the moment when I was watching the blank space in front of the OB who was helping to get the baby out, and all of a sudden that space was filled with an upside down, wriggly screaming boy.

So it’s T-minus 2 days until our Cupcake turns 1 on May Day. The past couple of months have been big ones for him developmentally. He can now wave and say “bye!” and usually does so when we drop him off at daycare in the morning. He can clearly communicate a few things to us- when he wants to be picked up or put down, when he wants more food or doesn’t want to eat or drink anymore, when he’s frustrated or needs a quick cuddle. He loves taking things in and out of boxes, putting things on shelves or through the bars of our baby gates, and tossing toys out of the pack n’ play. You can see the little wheels turning in his head and he loves to figure things out (like opening a door)…it makes him obviously happy to do so. He also gets very frustrated if you don’t let him go where he wants to (closing a door where he’s headed may make him scream in anger). His main method of travel is cruising or super-fast crawling, and while he can stand without any support for a few seconds, he doesn’t like to. It’ll probably be a little while longer before he’s walking.

He is now a little boy and no longer a baby. And it went by very quickly.

What am I doing up here?

10 responses to “This time last year…

  1. Oh, no way! Still a baby! Still a baby!

    Happy almost one!

  2. Time really does fly by, doesn’t it?

    Happy (almost) Birthday Miles!!

  3. look at him standing up!!! :~D
    happy almost birthday, miles!

  4. I can’t believe he’s almost one! Happy birthday, Miles!

  5. a year?! a whole year?!?! we’ll have to get our one year olds together soon:)

  6. He looks like he’s just about ready to take off running.

    Happy birthday Miles! Happy mommiversary Nutella and Strawberry!

  7. happy almost birthday to you all!

  8. Wait….when did he start talking? I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow to celebrate!

  9. Aww, so cute! Happy almost birthday, little man!

  10. shea020105

    he is such a cutie that miles! 🙂 i would love the password to your protected post. my email is jjrp020105@yahoo

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