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Hello Darkness, my old friend


  • The unceasing generosity of family and friends who keep bringing us food and offering to do other things for us. You all rock.
  • Active, alert periods of sheer baby cuteness
  • Going outside for some sunshine for the first time in a while yesterday
  • Trying out the Ultimate Baby Wrap with success
  • Having enough milk to feed the baby (and then some) and having the right kind of diaper output
  • The support of our internet community of friends, complete with expertise on baby matters
  • Our dog continuing to be well-behaved despite having a little jealousy towards this new, screaming thing
  • Good television shows from 11pm through 3am
  • Laptop computers and extension cords
  • Zippered onesies (edited: SLEEPERS, the kind with feet.)


  • No shower in a few days, ugh.
  • No time or available hands to really stay connected on the internet (something like 200+ unread Google Reader posts, sorry)
  • Pee gysers when changing diapers, especially when the outfit and changing pad get soaked through
  • Swollen, tingly feet that make it hard to walk. Still.
  • Finally getting to see The Business of Being Born and crying because we were unable to have the birth we wanted
  • A lactation consultant with the flu who isn’t available to help when you most need her
  • Front and back lawns that have turned into jungles
  • Unwanted advice, overstepped boundaries and stress not stemming from the baby
  • Not being able to sleep together much because of tag-teaming at night
  • The baby not being able to sleep on his back due to gas
  • Bad tv at 4 in the morning
  • Snap onesies (edited: SLEEPERS, the kind with feet.)


  • Nipple injury
  • Stitches and hemorrhoids
  • Unconsolable sobbing at various wee hours of the morning (sometimes baby, sometimes moms)


Time has no meaning here, and at the same time, it’s very precious. I know we’ll never get back these first few days, but they are HARD. I’m surprised we never heard from anyone how difficult it can be before the mother’s milk comes in. With just colostrum, Curly always seemed hungry and it broke our hearts. He also didn’t sleep well and so neither did we. Thankfully, Nutella’s milk has come in this afternoon and things seem really different and better already. We’ll see how tonight goes.

Curly had his first visit to our family pediatrician today. He is almost back to his birth weight already. When we left the hospital, he was at 7 lbs 15 oz, and now he’s at 8 lbs 2 oz. Add 2 more oz and that’s his birth weight. He might even be drinking that 2 oz right now.The pediatrician seemed to think he was very healthy. The little bit of jaundice he has is no cause for concern. If it would just stop raining, we’d happily give him some natural sunlight. Maybe tomorrow. We were worried about his wet diaper output, and right on cue, he peed all the way through his diaper and the blanket he was laying on at the appointment. His poop is already mustard-seedy…no more meconium. And it’s amazing how we love to hear him fart.

I’ll leave you with some pictures now. We’re getting to know each other better every day and working on finding a rhythm, the end goal being a happy, sweet baby and more well-rested moms. We love him so.

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