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Well, well, well…

Our appointment today went very well…uneventful which is an excellent thing…everything measuring as it should. But of course, that’s not all you want to know, is it? Well, when it all comes down to it, let’s just say the best things to trust are your grandmother and the Online Magic 8 Ball

Sweet baby face

Please say hello to our son!

Moving right along

Fairly uneventful OB appointment this afternoon, which is good!  I have gained another 3/4 lb. (I’m betting it was the Chip*tle I had for lunch) and we heard the nice strong heartbeat right away with the doppler.  The biggest excitement is that my Rh blood factor came back as A-.  This was a very big surprise as both my parents and my sister are A+ and we have always assumed that I was as well.  Our donor is A+ so that means I will have to get a rhogam shot at 28 weeks so that if the baby’s blood type is + my body doesn’t attack the baby.  Great news for a needlephobe, let me tell you!

In other news, the OB cleared us to push my next routine appointment out to 5 weeks so that we can take care of the anatomy scan at the same visit.  We’ve scheduled it for December 4.  I’ll be at 20w1d but if Cupcake isn’t cooperating, they will simply do another scan at the follow up visit a month later.  We are not having the quad scan or any of the other genetic screening blood tests that are offered.

In other news, I found the perfect pair of maternity pants on the clearance rack at a schmacy boutique this weekend.  They are black cotton twill, slightly dressy, machine washable, fit under the belly, and have this brilliant elastic in the back of the waistband.  The elastic has a buttonhole every 2 inches or so.  On the inside at the left hip it can be pulled tight or loosened up and then secured by a button sewn to the inside seam.  I expect I’ll be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy.  If they’d had another pair I’d have bought 2!

Say hi, baby!

We had our appointment for the nuchal translucency scan this morning…and well into the afternoon. When we got there, Nutella spent the first 20 minutes filling out forms. Then we waited an hour to be seen by a genetic counselor. The counselor was very nice and personable…she sat with the both of us for about 15 minutes discussing the nuchal scan, Nutella and the donor’s backgrounds, and information about chromosomal abnormalities, which we are not at very high risk for. At age 32, the risk of having a baby with Downs is 1 in 637. By the end of our scan, we were told it was reduced to 1 in 900 because of how things measured. She did say that also having the blood test would greatly increase the probability of catching anything, but we decided that unless the nuchal scan results were borderline, we would skip it. It’s only a finger prick, but we still thought it would be unnecessary if everything looked ok. She was actually surprised we were having any testing done at all, considering Nutella’s age and background. We thought this scan was recommended for most pregnant women though, being so non-invasive.

So after the chat, we again waited another half hour, at which point Nutella was getting hungry and as we know, it is never a good idea to deprive pregnant women of food. Finally, an ultrasound tech took us into the room for the ultrasound…our first abdominal one. Cupcake is beautiful. S/he was moving around a lot at first…showing us both arms, both legs, opening and closing a fist, and even opening and closing his/her mouth. We were delighted. The nuchal fold measured 2.1mm (they say under 3.0mm is good). The heartbeat was measuring 153bpm. The crown-rump length was 7.1cm. We even measured ahead by 2 days (13 weeks 3 days).

A doctor came into the room shortly after to have a look. He was a very pleasant guy and made some chit chat before doing the ultrasound. He was also pleased with what he saw, and offered us a look using the new 4D technology. We didn’t expect that at all and were very excited. Our baby looks like a baby using that technology, and a cute little alien without it.

Without any further ado, let us present Cupcake:

Cupcake's Profile

Hi, everyone!
Cupcake Waving

And the 4D scan picture
Cupcake 4D

The last part is the best

First OB appointment was this morning.  Ended up being very long with some not so pleasant parts, but at the end they snuck us in for a sonogram which made everything else worth it.  Here’s a mostly chronological list of what happened today:

  • arrive and fill out forms
  • pee in a cup that I label and then put in a little compartment in the ladies room which I’m assuming opens up to the lab on the other side
  • wait
  • get called back to talk with the OB in her office.  She could not be nicer or more inclusive of Strawberry.  We are given a huge packet of info, she answers all our questions,  tells us about all the screening that is available to us and how and when to have it done, gives me some further tips about controlling the nausea, and gives me an updated script for a rescue inhaler just in case I need one as the pregnancy progresses.  i mention my concern that the yeast infection may still be hanging around. She agrees to go along with the 4/22/09 due date.  She also promises to sneak us in for a sonogram since the RE didn’t forward those particular records.
  • she escorts us to an exam room where I am told they will need to weigh me, draw blood, perform a breast and pelvic exam, and do a pap smear.  I do my best to talk her out of the blood draw and the pap, but am informed that the blood stuff is state-mandated and my pap expires in November so I may as well do it now.  Sigh.
  • the nurse comes in and weighs me.  5 lbs weight gain so far, less than I had feared and right on track.  Then the blood draw, which she does with a butterfly at our insistence.  However, she has me sitting on the exam table with nowhere to rest my arm and I admit it’s a bit much for me.  Next time I’ll insist on a chair with a table.  It seemed to take an awfully long time, too.  Strawberry informed me afterwards that this is because they took 3 whole vials.  Ugh.
  • the nurse leaves and I change into the sheet and we wait for the OB to return.  We wait about 30min.
  • the OB returns and makes chit chat while doing my breast exam.  Then it’s time for the pelvic and the pap.  I experience a lot of pain and pinching from the speculum.  She confirms that I do still have some yeast.  As the speculum is removed, I see that her fingers are rather bloody.  She assures us quickly that due to the increased bloodflow of pregnancy this is common and not a cause for concern.  The nurse retrieves a maxi-pad from a drawer and hands it to us.  The OB tells me to resume the yeast treatment and to head to the waiting room to wait for the sono.  They depart.  Here’s were we get into some TMI, you can skip to the next bullet point if you like.   There seems to be more than a little blood.  Strawberry was alarmed at how much! We’re talking several tissues to wipe, dripping on the table paper and even a few drops onto the floor.  I put on the pad and get dressed and we head to the waiting room.
  • we wait.  it has now been several hours since I last ate and I’m a bit shaky and very hungry.  And I know that we are coming to the biggest moment of the day.  The worry creeps back in. 15 minutes later, we are called in.
  • the very nice sonogram tech asks for clarification on how to pronounce our last name.  And then she coyly asks which of us is the patient.  Bless her!  I am asked to undress completely from the waist down since this will be a transvaginal ultrasound (the last one, she assures me).  I comply and hop up on the table as she dims the lights.  We can tell at a glance that this machine is much more high tech than the one at the RE.  And we are not disappointed.  It gives us a very crisp digital image of our Cupcake in profile,  with clearly visible arms and legs.  Measuring in at 30mm crown-rump length.  We even see movement, which is astoundingly cool.  And THEN, she turns on the audio.  We are rewarded with the beautiful loud whoosh-whoosh of our baby’s strong 170 bpm heartbeat.  Both of us get teary-eyed with joy and awe.  We thank the tech profusely as she hands us each a printed picture.  And then we depart.
  • We get bagels and go to work.  Total appointment time was 2 hours.

So, all in all a very long trying, informative, and ultimately joyful morning.  We have lots of things to discuss, and some decisions to make.  But for now, we are riding on the joy.  We will begin to tell other family members tonight.  Thanks for all of your support and comments and for following along with us on the amazing journey.

Oh, you mean you wanted to see the picture?  Oh alright, here you go!

head and arm to the left, body and leg/foot to the right

We’ve been released

Ok, good news first! We saw a beautiful blob on the ultrasound with a nice, strong heartbeat of 153 bpm. Also, I am DONE with the hoo-ha bullets.

Now for the bad news. I have a raging yeast infection. Nurse Helpful cheerfully informed me that this was because I was pregnant. This has been her response to my statements of how I feel the last three times we’ve seen her. I’m certain that if I had said my big toe were swollen, she would have said the same thing. No, the infection is because of the prometrium which the RE told me to stop taking. I was dreading the transvaginal u/s, but fortuntely, the RE was very understanding and gentle. I now have a prescription to take care of the infection, and hope to feel better soon.

Ah, well, it was worth it for another glimpse at our cupcake who is now about the size of a chocolate chip.

(The static at the bottom of the picture is the fetal heartbeat)

One little overachiever

This morning we had our first sonogram.  It was a transvaginal, but that part wasn’t so bad.  Here is the amazingly good news.  There is one gestational sack, the RE was able to see and show us the yolk sac, the fetal pole, and even the tiny flicker of the heartbeat.  That last one was a bit of a surprise, as it’s early to see it.  It was too small to measure so we get to go back for a 2nd scan a week from Monday.  Overall we are measuring 6 weeks 1 day, which is a couple of days ahead.  That would explain my rather high beta numbers from last week.  The news could not have been better and we are over the moon with excitement.  For those of you that like these things, here’s the picture.  We just have to take their word for it that it will actually be a baby someday.  Right now, it’s about the size of a sprinkle.

Welcome to being sick with worry.

Beta results thus far:

Monday’s 1st beta at 15DPO 576
Progesterone 17.1

Today’s beta at 17DPO 1,038
Progesterone 15.1

From a general standpoint, that looks pretty good. But now, they want Nutella on Prometrium (Progesterone) 3 times a day “until we tell you to stop.” When Nutella asked why, the nurse said “to help the pregnancy along” and that “everything is fine.”

Bullshit I say. If everything were fine, why would Nutella have to be taking progesterone?

We did a ton of research just now. All the drug-oriented websites say “Don’t take prometrium if you are pregnant” and just about every person on every infertility forum has said “take it, it helps.” Do you know why they’re taking it? To keep up low levels of progesterone. To prevent miscarriage. Did our nurse mention this? Nope. “Everything is fine.”

I don’t know what else to write. This was not the news we were expecting and we are fraught with anxiety. However, Nutella will start taking prometrium tonight.

*Edit: I wrote that in the heat of the moment, and while we’re still going to be worried, we want to thank everyone for all of their sweet comments and congratulations, especially those who have de-lurked just to say so. You’re such an incredibly supportive community and we are glad to have you out there.