Photo friday: Leaves

Sorry we missed last weeks photo Friday, We had just closed on our new house! Finally! In the end there was a two-week delay from our initial close date, and a few nervous breakdowns. I’ll post details of it a little later. For now enjoy some autumn leaves from a tropical location.


PS-This is my first post using the WordPress app from my phone!


Foto Fridays – Clouds…so many clouds…

We love the skies in Florida. Although there is abundant sunshine, there are also lots of clouds that make the most beautiful patterns and sunsets, as well as those quick isolated showers you can see from miles away.


Metaphorically-speaking, there are have way too many “clouds” for us these past couple weeks. We still have not closed on our house. The original close date was Sept 25…then Sept 30…now it’s not until Oct 9. We have had to re-arrange movers, furniture delivery, inspections, contractors and the like over and over again. We have had to extend our rental on a weekly basis, but are so lucky it’s available until November so we’re not forced to live in a hotel or in a refrigerator box on the beach. The seller contractually agreed to fix very important things, like the electric for one, and every time he said he was done and we had a re-inspection, it was either not done or worse than before. Our electrician was surprised the garage hadn’t burned down, the wiring was such a mess. But finally, FINALLY the work is done (ok, like 90% done, but nothing at this point should keep us from closing). And we are all hopeful we can close on Wednesday. And if we don’t, I will have an actual mental breakdown so help me.

On a lighter note, we’ve been enjoying some lovely weekends, filled with festivals, farmer’s markets, kayaking, beaches, playgrounds, etc. Curly is really enjoying himself and getting so good at swimming in the gulf (with his flotation vest of course). He is also improving on writing his letters, singing songs and has a hyperactive imagination. We’re all excited about Halloween, and trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. It all feels so close now…having a home of our own…just waiting for the final clouds to pass.

Foto Fridays return!

Hopefully by the time you read this we will be homeowners again. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, S at An Offering of Love and Jackie at That’s a Lot of Esses have brought back a Fall themed Foto Friday.  Now that we live somewhere tropical, our photos may be a bit different from the rest of our fellow North American bloggers, but there is at least one Southern Hemisphere participant, so there should be plenty of variety!  You can join in here.

Today’s prompt is: Baked Goods/ Sweet Treats.  Longtime readers will know this is a specialty of mine, but we’ve been living in a furnished rental for a month, without a dishwasher or all of my assorted pans, gadgets and cookbooks, so please forgive the relative simplicity of my offering.  Of course, that doesn’t make it any less delicious!

Cocoa hazelnut coconut granola

Cocoa hazelnut coconut granola

Settling in

Where to begin…

The past few weeks have been really stressful. We expected some stress of course, mostly having to do with moving and ending our jobs, but it ended up being a lot more than just that. My grandmother, who lives in the state we moved to and whom I thought we could see more often, took a very sudden change for the worse. It was so awful that I flew down to see her while she lay dying, and that was indeed the last time I saw her alive. The following week, she passed away and I spent most of the day that the movers came to get our stuff driving and attending her funeral (which was much closer to where we used to live). When I arrived home, the movers had just arrived and took the rest of the day (5 hours) to get our stuff in the truck. Then we stayed over at the house next door since those neighbors don’t live there full time, closed on the sale of our house the following afternoon, got our cars packed up, and drove 900 miles to stay with my parents for the following two nights, until we were able to move into our current rental (about 25 minutes north of where we will end up living next month).

While that was happening…the death of my grandmother, the ending of both our jobs, the packing of our stuff, the imminent move from one place to another and another, we were negotiating first on one house which we lost, and then another which we did end up getting a signed contract on but not without its own share of headaches. But thank goodness it is set at this point and we will have a house next month.

Curly has been a pretty good trouper for the most part, but there have definitely been some harrowing times with him. Behavior regressions, a push for more control, and downright bratty “4-going-on-14” stuff happening….but it is understandable (although that doesn’t make it any easier). Today was the first day of starting a new routine…me going to my first day of work, and Curly going to his first day of school. His drop-off went seamlessly today as Nutella described it- the kids were sitting in a circle while a teacher read a book and he joined right in, no tears when she left. They had a special gymnastics bus visit today and a puppet show…all really exciting things for him, and he was in great spirits upon pick-up, while still running and hugging her. Couldn’t ask for better. My day…well, it was boring and discombobulated, but I think now that I’m all set up, it should be upwards from here.

Nutella is currently applying for part-time jobs, and doing all of the necessary household management and errand-type stuff…like dropping off mortgage paperwork, meeting with inspectors, doing the grocery shopping and lunch-making, etc. We did squeeze in a couple fun things, like a visit to the gorgeous beach one evening and a trip to Univer.sal…but we’re still finding our way and starting to appreciate more relaxing times ahead. Onwards and upwards.

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Protected: From here to there

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Still here! Sort of!

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted, but for good reasons. Er, stressful reasons, but still good. More detail to follow in a password-protected post. Since everyone’s moved to Feedly or something else, let us know if you need us to send you the password.

In the mean time, here’s a shot of our cool dude Curly at the beach, where we recently vacationed.


And also, the wonderful Love Invents Us nominated us for a blog award (thanks!) and asked a bunch of accompanying questions we’re supposed to answer, so here goes…

  1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    Strawberry: a veterinarian
    Nutella: an actress
  2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Strawberry: chocolate with something mixed in, like peanut butter or cherries
    Nutella: coconut almond fudge
  3. Share your three favorite (non lesbian baby-making) blogs.
    Strawberry: smittenkitchen, hyperbole & a half, dorothy surrenders
    Nutella: smittenkitchen, sweetapolita, retrorenovation
  4. What public figures (people we all might know) make your top five? (As in, people you think are hot)
    Strawberry: Mila Kunis, Famke Jansen, Rachel Maddow, Naya Rivera…pretty much any hot brunette will make my list lol
    Nutella: Christina Hendrix, the redhead from Game of Thrones/ Downton Abbey, the redhead from True Blood (which I do not watch), Alicia Witt (the redhead from Cybill, which I didn’t really watch either).  Um, let’s just go with firey redheads in general, ok?
  5. What is your most favorite meal? Looking for more than breakfast, lunch or dinner here. What’s on the plate?
    Strawberry: Brussels sprouts with bacon and caramelized figs, beef short rib or pasta amatriciana (more bacon) and a blondie a la mode
    Nutella: steamed artichoke with drawn butter or a whole steamed lobster with butter.  Not together, that’s too much!
  6. What book could you read over and over?
    Strawberry: Tipping the Velvet
    Nutella: Dragonsong
  7. Cats or dogs?
    Strawberry: dogs
    Nutella: cats
  8. What are five words that best describe you?
    Strawberry: thoughtful, loyal, passionate, introverted, quick-witted
    Nutella: creative, outgoing, chatty, smart, giving
  9. If you could trade places with someone (anyone!) for a day who would it be?
    Strawberry: Any rich person traveling would be fine.
    Nutella: Samantha Brown on the travel channel.  Seriously, I could totally do her job and be awesome.
  10. An envelope stuffed with cash appears in your mailbox, what do you do?
    Strawberry: Get worried. Then try to spend it.
    Nutella: $5? Spend it. $500? Try to discover its source, possibly report it to the police.
  11. If someone threw you a surprise party would you feel loved or misunderstood?
    Strawberry: loved
    Nutella: loved