The New New Normal

It’s now been nearly 6 months since we made the big move to the Sunshine State. Things have improved, although there are still ups and downs. The biggest news is that Nutella was offered a job today, which she gladly accepted. It is *almost* exactly what she wanted- a good paying, part-time job close to home (2 blocks from where I work actually). 4 hours a day at a large, reputable company as a senior executive assistant. Not in the field of education, and it’s a year-long contract, but it’s not going to look bad on her resume in the least. It’s going to help a lot financially and for her self-esteem and extrovertedness. Curly will go back to preschool/aftercare full-time for now, although Nutella will pick him up early twice a week for a class…right now he’s in a swim class at the Y which he’s been enjoying for the most part. When that ends, he’ll probably go back to taking gymnastics which he loves. In the Fall when he begins Kindergarten, she’ll be able to pick him up after school around 2:30 and spend more time with him, which was partly why we moved in the first place. So that seems to be working out.

My (second) job is going well. I’ve been there almost 3 months. I like the environment, most of the work, and my supervisors. I’ve also made a co-worker friend and am feeling comfortable and respected there. Today was a rough day since we had a client on site and I spent over 3 hours in a meeting with them and we got asked to do twenty other things on top of what we already do for them. But as I walked past the Director’s office and saw him pouring a shot of Maker’s Mark for himself and a co-worker, I popped in and joined them. It’s THAT kind of a place. Still very typical in Marketing environments I think.

We’ve been meeting lots of people, including a few lesbian couples and singletons with kids. We generally like our neighbors and they have surprised us on more than one occasion with touching acts of kindness. We are part of our Neighborhood Association which holds monthly parties at people’s houses, and have met more people that way. I wouldn’t say we’re close with anyone yet, but I can see us getting there in time. Still, it’s hard missing our friends up north.

But…we have a trip planned to visit our old stomping grounds in April for a long weekend. So that’ll be nice. And we’re planning our first cruise hopefully in November, possibly over Thanksgiving. Nutella’s mom is staying with us now for a total of 10 days, and her sister stayed over the weekend as well. The extra company (and built-in babysitting) has been lovely. We had visitors in January, and are expecting to see more friends soon, too.

We also renovated our Master bathroom, making it way more efficient (and pretty and leak-proof), and just finished getting our chimney repaired today, since it tended to rain inside the chimney whenever it rained hard outside. Yeah. Next up is working on the backyard, but it’s not nearly as imperative as the other work was. 

The locals have been saying this Winter was colder than usual, but February has been averaging around 70 degrees daily and we’ve been appreciating every minute of it. We’ve been exploring, returning to favorite places and finding new ones, and are still never sick of watching sunsets on the beach. So yeah, getting better…we’ll see how things are once Nutella starts the new job…

8 responses to “The New New Normal

  1. Sounds like you guys are really settling in! I am jealous of your 70 degree days and finally feel ready to crack with this New England winter. Enjoy those sunsets that you don’t have to watch through a frosty window!

  2. Woot! Congrats on the new job, sis! I think you’ve earned a scoop of that yummy gelato. 🙂

  3. Sounds like everything is going well. So glad to hear you’re settling in and congrats on the jobs. I’m super jealous of your weather right now as it’s -16C and feels like -26C with the wind chill here today! I’m over winter. 🙂

  4. I’m so excited to read your blog and get in touch with you!

  5. Wow that all sounds so great! The part-time job sounds perfect for her needs right now. I’m so happy to hear that things are going well with you three.

  6. mamaandmummy

    Congrats on the job! Settling in takes time, and it seems like all three of you are doing well with it. I am super jealous of your weather (it’s 25 F here today and we’re HAPPY about it). Keep us posted on your happenings!

  7. I’m so glad things are going so well!

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