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The Rhythm of Life

It’s been a while since we posted a “real” post…since October pretty much. The move really took a lot out of us, although we are firmly on the other side of it now. We’ve been through a lot of changes but there are still more coming. I’ll take the bullet approach to this update:

  • After our closing date on the house got pushed a full two weeks, we finally signed the paperwork and moved in. We’ve had a few expensive things to take care of, but at this point all the imperative work has been done and we’ve slowed down our seemingly constant list of stuff to do. We’re at the point of needing to just paint and decorate, which is nice. And it’s really feeling like home now.
  • I started work almost immediately after the move and….hated the job. It was a pretty toxic environment and made me miserable. After the first month, I applied and interviewed non-stop and recently landed a new job that I start on Dec 2 (provided the background check goes through in time). It’s a little bit of a career change, but I’m excited and hopeful. I only gave 3 days’ notice at my last job for my mental sanity and have been enjoying my break between jobs. It’s given Nutella and I lots of time to explore our surroundings and have fun adventures together.
  • Nutella has unfortunately not been able to find part-time work yet. We’ve had Curly in pre-school with after hours care up until now, but that will stop in December. I had to take a bit of a pay cut for the new job, and since Nutella isn’t working, there’s no need to pay for care after pre-school, which is free. So that’ll save us a good chunk of money. And Nutella is now planning both fun and “learning” activities for Curly in the afternoons.
  • Making friends has been hard. We’ve met a handful of people and hung out with another couple and their two daughters a couple times, but we haven’t truly “clicked” with anyone yet. We’re trying though, and realize it’ll take time. We haven’t been here that long. That’s probably been the hardest part though.
  • On the plus side, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving, which we’re hosting for the first time ever. Then Nutella’s parents will be visiting us over two consecutive weekends (they’re spending two weeks in the area and visiting other relatives as well). We’ve had other out-of-town friends stay over a couple nights, and others planning on visiting soon as well. So that helps with the loneliness.
  • Also nice is the weather. It was in the 30’s-40’s where we used to live, and today we were watching the sunset on the beach in t-shirts and shorts 🙂
  • This is a parenting blog, but I’m starting to feel like it’s a relocation blog. It’s hard to focus solely on Curly when so much is going on and when parenting is just one (albeit a very large one) of those things. As others have brought up on their blogs before, I’m not sure where this will go in the future, especially as Curly is getting older and as everyone knows by now, we’ll never be in the TTC/baby trenches again. That said, Curly is 4 1/2 and as big a handful as ever, although at least at this age, he can keep himself occupied for good periods of time. But it’s still all questions all the time, a crazy imagination, an irritating lack of logic, a sweet deluge of hugs and kisses, a total drama queen cry fest, and all the other hopes, fears, anxieties, joys and frustrations that come along with parenting a young child. Sometimes just the thought of trying to blog about it is overwhelming.
  • That said, we wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving (and Thanksgivukkah to our fellow Jews) and we’ve missed you.

Foto Friday: Sunset

I’m cheating.  Here’s a picture of us from Halloween night, beautiful sunset visible in the background.