Photo friday: Leaves

Sorry we missed last weeks photo Friday, We had just closed on our new house! Finally! In the end there was a two-week delay from our initial close date, and a few nervous breakdowns. I’ll post details of it a little later. For now enjoy some autumn leaves from a tropical location.


PS-This is my first post using the WordPress app from my phone!

4 responses to “Photo friday: Leaves

  1. Fall colors are great and all, but after today’s bout of 50’s and grey, I’d take your tropical paradise for a few days! (Counting down the days until our trip to Florida…19!)

  2. congrats on the closing! im hoping we can follow your lead next Monday (oof).

  3. Congrats on closing on the new house. Must be quite a change from Maryland.

  4. glad to hear you’re settling in. we just came back from central florida – it’s hot down there! quite a change for you guys. looking forward to more updates.

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