Foto Fridays – Clouds…so many clouds…

We love the skies in Florida. Although there is abundant sunshine, there are also lots of clouds that make the most beautiful patterns and sunsets, as well as those quick isolated showers you can see from miles away.


Metaphorically-speaking, there are have way too many “clouds” for us these past couple weeks. We still have not closed on our house. The original close date was Sept 25…then Sept 30…now it’s not until Oct 9. We have had to re-arrange movers, furniture delivery, inspections, contractors and the like over and over again. We have had to extend our rental on a weekly basis, but are so lucky it’s available until November so we’re not forced to live in a hotel or in a refrigerator box on the beach. The seller contractually agreed to fix very important things, like the electric for one, and every time he said he was done and we had a re-inspection, it was either not done or worse than before. Our electrician was surprised the garage hadn’t burned down, the wiring was such a mess. But finally, FINALLY the work is done (ok, like 90% done, but nothing at this point should keep us from closing). And we are all hopeful we can close on Wednesday. And if we don’t, I will have an actual mental breakdown so help me.

On a lighter note, we’ve been enjoying some lovely weekends, filled with festivals, farmer’s markets, kayaking, beaches, playgrounds, etc. Curly is really enjoying himself and getting so good at swimming in the gulf (with his flotation vest of course). He is also improving on writing his letters, singing songs and has a hyperactive imagination. We’re all excited about Halloween, and trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood. It all feels so close now…having a home of our own…just waiting for the final clouds to pass.

4 responses to “Foto Fridays – Clouds…so many clouds…

  1. R is for Rose

    I know that you already have a lot invested in this new house, but please keep in mind that until you sign the final papers, you still have the option to walk away. Would that suck? Probably. Would getting stuck with a house with issues suck more? Also probably. But you have seen the house and I have not. You know what problems it may have and you know what you are willing to put up with.

    I wish the three of you only happiness.

    (Oh, and you know where to find me if you want to talk. Even if it’s just to vent.)

  2. We thought of walking away more than once, but we know the house is a gem. Sure there are problems (WERE problems mostly) but it was built in 1925…of course a house that old will have issues. They are all fixable though, and just needed to be done with licensed contractors who know what they are doing. That was the problem- the seller thought he could fix them himself or by using his friends, but he’s only a roofer and doesn’t know the first thing about fixing things like the electric properly. So we demanded using licensed professionals, and seeing their licenses and getting receipts, as well as coughing up money to get some of our own people in. If, when the problems were discovered, we had asked for additional money at closing instead of asking the seller to make repairs, we would have closed on time (although he hasn’t been amenable to agreeing to hardly anything). We didn’t know then what a total asshat he is and have been paying for it since. Everyone, from our realtor to our loan officers to HIS realtor, has felt really bad for what we’ve had to go through. But we love the house and we are not willing to give up and know it will be worth it in the end.

  3. I’m glad you’re demanding that he use licensed professional! I hope it all gets finished soon, and enjoy those amazing clouds! I love watching clouds!

  4. Love this! (The clouds, not the house misery. Good luck!!)

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