Skinny mini

Not much news around these parts, although Curly had his 4 year check-up yesterday. I have no idea why we didn’t know they give 4 year olds four shots (!), but we didn’t. They wanted to do another DTap, MMR, Polio and Chicken Pox. We did the first two, but decided to hold off on the second two until next month. We’re fans of a slightly delayed schedule…I mean, just those two shots yesterday gave him 6 vaccinations. That’s a lot for any person’s body to handle, especially a small one. Speaking of small, Curly weighs in at 32 pounds and 39.5 inches. That’s 10% and 20% respectively. He is a skinny little guy. I know some of you out there with 2 year olds bigger than that 😉

Gotta say though, Curly was amazing with the shots. The nurse gave him the first one and he didn’t flinch and had no reaction. All of us were shocked, like, do you realize what just happened? The second shot, MMR, is a painful one, so that elicited a few tears, but he just sat there and took it while I cradled his head against me. And then was quickly distracted by the offer of stickers and a lollipop and cheerfully exited the office. Amazing.

We have some blood work to do unfortunately. While he is overall healthy and on-track, he does require more sleep than every other 4 year old on the planet (12 hours at night and a 2-3 hour nap daily for a whopping total of 14-15 hours) and finally our doctor shares the concerns we’ve had since he was a baby. They’ll check his iron levels, electrolytes and do a full CBC to see if anything’s off. Beyond that, it’s either problems getting quality sleep which will be a whole other bucket of fun, or just…it is what it is.

Goofball chic at the doctor’s office

10 responses to “Skinny mini

  1. So brave and super cute to boot!

  2. Those shots. UGH. Roozle had all four and it was AWFUL. Then they drew blood. MCB couldn’t go with us to that appointment, so I brought my mom, thinking that Roozle might need extra distraction. Thank goodness. That wasn’t an appointment I wanted to do on my own.

    I’m glad they’re checking his iron levels. Roozle has always had pretty low iron, but it’s getting better. They just have to check it every time which totally stinks. We did iron pills for a while then switched to flintstones vitamins with iron every day and that keeps her at a low but okay level so she doesn’t need the nasty iron pills, thankfully.

  3. Love that picture. My sweetheart grandson!

  4. I think I know a couple of two years olds who are bigger than that 😉

    Hope the blood work doesn’t not show anything serious and that Curly hasn’t inherited his Ima’s phobia of needles!

  5. What a trouper! Our Bean needed blood work when he was about a year old and pulled the needle out of his arm! So gross!

  6. How cute is that pic?! Sending you good news vibes for the bloodwork.

  7. So cute! That’s great that the needles didn’t bother him. Ian is like that too, while Erik freaks out. Good luck with the blood work. Ian has low iron and is on an iron supplement. We’re getting Erik checked too because he sleeps 11-12 hours a night and is still tired all the time.

  8. Man he is cute! Fingers crossed for the blood work.

  9. I love the goofball chic. It reminds me of the work one artist did – recreating flemish paintings in an airplane lavatory…

  10. I’ve nominated you for a blog award! Check out my most recent post for details. Hoping that you’ll have the time to play along.

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