New digs

We finished Curly’s big boy bedroom and I think we’re all quite happy with how it turned out. Curly is still doing wonderfully in his bed, so much so that we removed the side rail. He fell out one night a week ago, but we have floor pillows next to his bed so he just landed softly and told us he got right back into bed. We only knew it happened because the floor pillows were disheveled the next morning. Normally he stays in bed in the morning, playing and singing to his stuffed animals until we retrieve him. Since he’s in a pull-up at night still, we haven’t tackled the issue of getting up to go to the bathroom, although we can keep his portable baby bjorn potty in his room to get him used to getting up to go by himself. Anyway…pictures!

The old baby room:

New room (Curly wanted a boat and a train in his big boy room…the train is a wall decal):

Me painting the boat mural:

Curly & Ima enjoying a book in his new bed:

One of our favorite item finds:

16 responses to “New digs

  1. I love that picture of them reading together on the new bed. I’m hiring you when we redesign the boys’ room!

  2. Love it! Such a nice room. Glad he’s doing so well in the big boy bed.

  3. What a great big boy room! Curly’s mama is quite the artist!! Nice work! 🙂

  4. That boat is GORGEOUS! Beautiful room.

  5. Nice! So handsome, boy and room. Love that boat mural and color me impressed, because I could never. 🙂

  6. What a great room! How did you keep in his crib so long?! Help me please!

  7. I love it! That globe is fantastic, btw.

  8. The room looks amazing! I second tbean’s request, can I hire you to do 2 murals when my kiddos get big kid rooms?

  9. It looks fantastic! Nice job on the boat mural!!

  10. It’s wonderful! I especially like the porthole mirror (and of course the globe). That’s no baby room, for sure!

  11. Looking good you guys!!

  12. That room is truly awesome. I really like the train decal but the boat is outstanding. Is the globe vintage? Love it!

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