Results are in!

What an election night! We stayed up late and it was well worth it, especially since we were seriously considering moving out of this country had the outcome been different. Plus, we are happy to say that we live in a state that approved same-sex marriage! So Nutella and I will be tying the legal knot in January. Curly has been asking for weeks now if “Ima and Mommy are married?” because I guess he’s been interested in the word and the concept. We have always responded affirmatively, and he is happy to say “Yes, Mommy and Ima are married” to whomever now. Of course, it’ll be interesting explaining to him that while yes, we’re married, we’re having another ceremony because our state now approves of it lol. Anyway, a great excuse for a party soon šŸ™‚

Other news…we re-designed Curly’s bedroom and he’s now in a big boy bed. He’s slept in it the past two nights with no issues. He loves it SO much that he’s happy to get into it at night and hang out in it in the morning. Hope that lasts! Pictures of the transformation to come, we just have a couple more details to work out before it’s completed.

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated and we’ve been doing some fun stuff, too, like apple and pumpkin picking, and of course, Halloween. Curly wanted to be Peter Pan and had a great time dressing up at school and also trick-or-treating. He lasted a full hour and never once asked us to carry him or even help with his bucket o’ treats. He gets one a day and he’s mostly been fine with that šŸ˜‰

I’ll leave you with a couple pics…

7 responses to “Results are in!

  1. As an Ohio voter, we were thinking of all of our LGBT friends all over this country when we went to the polls. So happy to stand up with my husband and support my brother and other American citizens who have been denied for too long their basic human rights.
    …and your pictures are adorable. Did you make the Peter Pan costume by hand?

  2. YAY Maryland! Makes me want to move back. Adorable pics of your boy. They grow so fast!

  3. Hi Jen, THANK YOU for your vote in Ohio!! What an amazing feeling when they called it and it was enough to stop waiting on VA and FL. The Peter Pan costume is made from a green velour dress that I bought at a thrift store and some pajama bottoms. I made the hat from a piece of felt.

  4. Hooray Maryland! Curly is looking sooo grown up!

  5. Love this and the fact that you can get married legally!! Woo hoo! Those pics of Curly are too cute!!

  6. Yes to getting legally hitched! I can’t wait to see the pictures. Love love love curly as Peter Pan. It makes me want to pinch his cheeks and hope that he stays this young forever and never loses this cuteness.

  7. So cute, and congrats on the upcoming marriage! I’m so happy that my neighbours to the south are heading in the right direction!

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