Sometimes, if I have a little extra time in the morning, I’ll make myself an egg (over medium) with a veggie sausage patty and a piece of whole grain toast. If this happens on weekday, I cook and eat it standing at the kitchen counter while getting everything else ready.  Curly is eating at the table around the corner, and can’t see me. Today, I thought it might be nice for all 3 of us to actually sit at the table together and eat, so I brought my egg plate to the table, where Strawberry was having her coffee and Curly was having his waffle and fruit. Sure enough, he began asking me for the egg, and then for the sausage. After a few nibbles of each, I offered to make him his own after I finished mine. He impatiently waited for me to finish, and then I got up to make him his own.  He ate about 1/2 the egg, and all the sausage patty, after having already eaten his toaster waffle, fruit, cereal, and milk. Seriously, I don’t know where he puts it! And from now on, I’ll just eat my eggs at the kitchen counter in peace!!

We’re ready for the storm over here, and wish all the Mid-Atlantic and New Englanders good luck!!

4 responses to “Eggsile

  1. Ian nibbles at our breakfasts too, although he hasn’t been doing it as much lately as he used to. He also LOVES eggs, so we always make one for him if we’re having eggs even if he’s already had his breakfast and even if he says he doesn’t want one, because in the end he ALWAYS wants one.

  2. Yup, C does the same thing! Doesn’t matter how much she gas already eaten, if she sees either of us eating something she must have it!!!

  3. Funny. I just posted on FB today about how the twins turn into little piranhas when anyone else is eating. It can be the same exact food but if someone else is eating it, it must be better. haha.

  4. Eating you out of house and home already?

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