Wandering Man (or more trials and tribulations)

Here’s how last Wednesday and Thursday went. As usual, we’ve been getting to the Montessori school about 15 minutes before the kids have to be at their classrooms…plenty of time to snag a parking space and walk Curly inside the building to the line he’s supposed to stand in. Might I add that his teacher is always the last one to come get her kids so we’re stuck there waiting forever. Suddenly, as of last Wednesday, it appeared all the other parents realized it sucks not to get a spot at the school and have to walk from the next building over. So they all arrived early and there were no parking spots left (they’re doing major construction in the parking lot to create more spaces, but they were supposed to be done by now and it’s a total clusterf*ck).

So Nutella gets there and there are no spaces, and the teachers who assist with the parking mess tell her to pull up and drop him off. Now, we have been told all along that this is the ultimate goal- get your kid comfortable with being dropped off and walking into the building. We didn’t think we’d get to that point for a while, but out of necessity, it happened last Wednesday. Nutella asked Curly if he wanted to walk inside himself (it’s about 50 feet to the Montessori doors and all sidewalk). He immediately and happily said “yes! I want to walk myself!” And so it went. When Nutella told me, naturally I freaked out a bit, but tried to calm down thinking there were lots of teachers and other kids there and we had already shown him where to go several times. By midday, our neighbor who was doing last week’s lunch run pick-up said he was fine, so we thought it worked out. But still…we weren’t too comfortable with the idea.

Thursday morning we arrived a little earlier, but again there were no spots. Both of us were doing drop-off, so Nutella was going to drive around the circle a few times while I walked Curly to his line. But as soon as I got Curly out of the car, a teacher asked if she could walk him to the building. I said sure! and she took his hand and they walked away. I made sure to tell her which teacher was his as well, and felt much more comfortable with that plan.

And then 20 minutes later, we got a call. It was his teacher. She said “I’m standing here with [Curly] and the Principal…I’m not sure what’s going on, but you can’t drop off the 3 year olds. Apparently yesterday [Curly] was found wandering around [the attached school next door] and a teacher brought him to where he was supposed to be.” I was taken aback and said, “Wow, no one told us that. I think there’s been a big misunderstanding…we won’t drop him off anymore, but we’ve been getting very conflicting information.” The call was quick, but Nutella and I felt compelled to write her a note that our neighbor could give her at lunch pick-up, defending our behavior and outlining the whole situation and the messages we’ve been getting about it being a perfectly fine thing to do.

Yet again, the administration is jerking us around and the teachers are all thinking different things, and apparently half are not on the same page as the Principal. Or maybe just our teacher doesn’t want her 3 year olds dropped off…because all the teachers seem to make their own rules. This place is driving me nuts.

And finally, on Friday we got a note saying Curly ate a couple coffee beans during an activity and they sent him to the nurse. The nurse listened to his breathing because they were afraid he might choke (wtf?) and washed his mouth out with water or something. First of all, if you’re afraid classroom activities are choking hazards, don’t freaking have them in the classroom. Secondly, when you eliminate snack for the kids and then put something good-smelling in front of them, what do you expect? He was fine…just too wired to take a nap that day! Right now I am very sick of school.

19 responses to “Wandering Man (or more trials and tribulations)

  1. Ooh that’s stressful and anxiety inducing! Maybe it’s because of the new school year and things will get smoothed out soon? And no snacks for 3 year olds?!?! Even I need a snack!

  2. Yikes! I would have been furious about him being left to wander around by himself and find his way into another building. If a teacher told you to drop him off, she should have made sure he was taken care of from that point, and at any rate, there should be enough teachers inside the building to make sure the kids are getting to their classrooms, especially little ones. Insane! Not only that, but why on earth didn’t they call you immediately to tell you what had happened? That’s a pretty major incident and I’m surprised they didn’t mention it until the next day.

    Also, why did they eliminate snack? Kids need snacks! And yeah, coffee beans and 3-year-olds just seem like a very bad idea together. Of course he ate them! Did they really think no one would?

  3. This all sounds crazy — but I give a lot of credit to Curly for being willing to do it all again the next day. What a trooper!

  4. what a pain! although i had to laugh a little at the coffee beans. not gonna lie 🙂

  5. Glad he is okay. That is some crazy stuff going on at that school!

  6. OMG! That is so scary. I hope you’re able to have your concerns addressed. Agreed with previous poster that Curly must be loving it to have an experience like that not even phase him. What a guy!

  7. Dude, what is up with their drop off policy?! What a mess. We also have to let C walk into the building by ‘himself’ since he moved up to Primary (which doesn’t thrill us), but every child is escorted by a teacher, one of the middle school students, or an administrator to his/her room. I’m hoping that the kinks at Curly’s school will work themselves out soon!

  8. Wow! That sounds like a cluster indeed. I would think your gut feeling of letting him walk in alone was more than justified and it really seems unfair that then they turn it around on you and Nutella. Ugh, at least Curly seems okay with all of it. Sorry you are having to deal with this nonsense!

  9. oh man, i’d be annoyed too. hope you can get things smoothed out.

  10. Ditto what Allison said -WTH!!!!!

  11. I would be ENRAGED if I found out my kid had been wandering around alone in a building somewhere. I cannot even imagine – and that’s to say nothing of the complete lack of communication between administration, parents, and teachers.

    As for the coffee beans, that’s just stupid.

    I don’t think your kid’s preschool is supposed to drive you nuts…

    Hope things get better!

  12. Curly, Curly, Curly…you aren’t supposed to start school and start drinking coffee until University not preschool!
    I hope everything smooths out soon.

  13. Hmm… doesn’t seem like they have their act together there (and the coffee beans for 3yos? wtf?). Hope things improve for you guys.

  14. Yeah, a big ole WTF over here, too! Wandering around by himself? What are they thinking? (Also – coffee beans??? The thought of Jaybird on caffeine of any sort – I shudder…) Hope things sort themselves out.

  15. Totally not cool! WTH us wrong with these people? Hope it all gets straightened out and your concerns are addressed!

  16. That is all so so very strange and disconcerting.

  17. Umm, wtf? Sounds like there are some serious communication issues with this place. And I can’t believe they don’t have snack for 3 year olds! Way to go Curly, taking matters into your own hands. Old coffee beans are an excellent snack.

  18. how committed are you to keeping curly in this school as opposed to another one? i love montessori, but this is ridiculous.

    also, what is the rationale for eliminating snack?

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