We’ve got Pride!

This was the first year we’ve taken Curly to both the parade and the festival.  His favorite part? When the illegally parked white BMW was towed from the parade route right in front of us.

Ready for the parade!

9 responses to “We’ve got Pride!

  1. I like that Curly’s developing good class consciousness even at an early age. Those BMW owners think they can park anywhere!

  2. LOL. Hope he liked the rest of it too. 🙂

  3. Ha – it’s like the kids wanting to play w/ the box more than the toys. And great news about the “shmotty raining” – that will certainly make traveling easier huh??

  4. Next in line

    Bee would have been super into the tow truck too:) I love how sometimes the most exciting event is something like a tow truck or a bus passing us by because it was too full.

  5. gaybyrabies

    That’s so cute. It’s funny how kids are like that- playing with the box instead of the toy…or the time I brought my kids to the zoo and they only cared about the birds hanging out near the trash cans.

  6. too cute! and at some of those parades that IS the most exciting part!

  7. How fun! I miss the pride festival in your town-best ones I’ve ever been to!

  8. Tow trucks are frequently a highlight of the day around here as well.

  9. That’s so cute. I bet the BMW owner didn’t think it was so awesome.

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