Work it all the time

A lot of random stuff has been going on lately…nothing worthy of its own post, but bullets should do the trick…

  • We are getting ready for Curly’s 3rd birthday party (pirate-themed, arr!). It’s the Saturday after his actual birthday. We’re going to have a 3 year old in about 2 weeks, whoa.
  • He’s plateaued with potty-training. We were off to such an auspicious start many months ago, but still have some hurdles to overcome, such as him actually asking on a regular basis and holding it during naps. If he’s not 100% potty-trained by September, he’ll be “held back” from the pre-school room, although we’re pretty sure he won’t be alone in that regard. He’s probably 60% trained at this point, but holding steady.
  • We are getting our kitchen completely renovated. It started this morning, when the contractor and 3 other guys knocked on the door at 8am and the chaos began. We’ll share ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. Curly is thrilled that there are “construction workers” not only at his school building the kids a new playground, but in our house as well, building us a new kitchen.
  • Passover seders are no fun for almost-three-year-olds, but easter egg hunts are pretty awesome in his opinion.
  • The boy’s first dentist appointment is this Wednesday. I hope it’s not awful.
  • Speaking of awful, we got the dreaded notice of pink eye going around our daycare last week, and  this weekend Curly was showing signs of it. He HATES the eye drops. Actually, hate is probably not a strong enough word. To administer the drops, we have to lay him down, one person holds his arms up alongside his head to keep his head facing forward, the other person has to basically sit on him, and we have to pry his eyes open to put the drops in, all while he’s screaming. Fun, no? We’ve tried reasoning and bribery, sadly to no avail.

    Here’s a picture from Sunday during a much happier moment:

10 responses to “Work it all the time

  1. what?! how is he almost three?!!? seriously??? wow….

    i’m looking forward to the kitchen shots, sounds like a great project.

    and oy. the eyedrops. Bird had pink eye a few months ago and we had to do drops twice a day. it was t-o-r-t-u-r-e.

  2. Can’t believe he is almost three- where does the time go. In terms of the eye drops- I am sorry those moments of being a parent are no fun. I had a similar experience last week when I had to get blood drawn from my big-ones. Let’s just say – not one of my best parenting moments. yuck.

  3. Those damn pink eye drops suck!

    Holland has gone to the dentist twice and has been totally fine. I was nervous but it went well. I’m sure Curly will do great and be excited to get a new toothbrush!

  4. Next in line

    A pirate party! Yippee I need pictures of that as well as before and after shots of the home renos.

  5. That photo is gorgeous! I love the pink!!

    Also, have Curly try lying with his eyes closed, put the drops in the corner of his eye and then he can open his eye at will and they will go into it… a lot less scary for little ones than having drops go directly into their eye, though you may have to do an extra drop or two to make sure enough medication gets in.

    I can’t believe he’ll be three so soon! Time flies!

  6. Hooray for turning 3! Since our pediatrician has already told us to take the turtles to the dentist (we’re thinking…not yet) I am relieved to hear Curly is just going for the first time now. Surely 14 month olds with 7 and 8 teeth don’t need a trip to the dentist quite yet?

    Can’t wait for the kitchen pics!

  7. mamaandmummy

    He is so darling! What a beautiful shot. Pinkeye sounds awful. Reminds me of that episode of Friends, if you’ve ever seen that. (Who is it who can’t stand sticoms? Nutella?) Can’t believe he’ll be three. Wasn’t he just walking, like, yesterday?

  8. He is perfectly adorable. seriously. and as i recall with our eldest three was a lot of fun! hoping the same is true for you ladies!

  9. He’s beautiful!

  10. A lot going on, indeed! Hope the kitchen reno goes smoothly (too cute about curly’s excitement over the construction workers!) and the dental appointment as well. (Note to self: Make that appointment for E TODAY before you forget about it again!!)

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