Train of thought

A quick thank you for all of the thoughtful comments on the last post. You guys are great šŸ™‚

So last night, as I was waiting for the pasta water to boil before dinner, I listened in on the “conversation” between Nutella and Curly, who were playing on the couch. I decided, what the heck, let me write this down. It all happened in about 3 minutes, and it’s mostly “play” talk by Curly…(Also, this is our understanding of his speech. He doesn’t say the letter S…it comes out as a D or T, etc.)

Scene: Nutella is laying down on the couch and Curly climbs up near her feet.

I go on your leg.
Lay [Curly] belly.
weeeee weeeee weeee (fake sleep noises)
oh…sit on…
I go get my movie.
I wanna movie on. (No, not right now)
I have a pillow.
You need pillow here.
On the way…on get hurt…(lays down, starts sucking thumb- Nutella tells him not to)
Thumb is for sleeping?
Weee! Weee!
I got my pillow!
I got my pillow…my back!
My sock! Here! My sock! (what’s wrong with your sock?)
Sock! Sock! Sock! (oh, are you stuck?)
I go be stuck again.
I want two pillow.
My pillow! My pillow…
Do find me! Go find me!
(singing nonsense)
There….on your feet!
Move back!
Move back all the way over here, ok?
Stay on the couch.
I stay on the couch.
My pillow. Get off! Get off!
I put it on….on this.
There….not….on Elmo.
No…that Elmo balloon mama.
Look, Ima, look!
That! I doing. (what are you doing?)
I don’t know.
I not playing.
Oh! Stuck! Stuck!
I’m going your body.
Nom nom nom! (pretending to bite her)
I going take your pillow.

And then I had to put the pasta in the water. Whew. The mind of a toddler.

2 responses to “Train of thought

  1. you really have to wonder…. but fun to bear witness to all the same!

  2. šŸ™‚ Love this.

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