The lies we tell our children

Scene: Backyard BBQ on a lovely warm Spring Saturday.  People are standing around chatting with snacks and drinks.  There is a large bowl of bright orange puffed corn “cheese” snack on the table. Ima is indulging in this bad snack.

Curly, eyeing the bowl curiously: “Ima, what’s that?”

Ima, thinking fast: “They’re worms.”

Curly: “WORMS??”

Ima, crunching and licking the orange powder from her fingers: “Yes, crispy fried worms.  Do you want one?”

Curly: “NO, eww.”

I’m betting when he figures out they’re not actually worms, he’s going to be pretty mad.  But maybe he’ll still never want to eat them.

11 responses to “The lies we tell our children

  1. LOL….that was a great one.

  2. love this! kids are so funny (and so easily duped!). the other day when i was mixing up my latest cake batter, Bird asked what I was making. if i had answered truthfully, she’d have been all over it. so, instead i replied “this is my progesterone-injection-reward.” she said “i no like that” and scampered off. teehee 🙂

  3. Wait until he brings you a worm and asks you to make it like the ones you were eating!

  4. Haha! How creative 🙂

  5. ha ha ha!
    When one of us needs to miss bedtime, we tell Kai that Mommy or Mama has a “meeting”.

  6. reproducinggenius

    I LOVE this–perhaps because I too have lied about how disgusting forbidden food items are.

  7. I love it! I once met a mom who hadn’t had french fries in 2 years because she didn’t want her kids to kind out what they were. I like your idea much better.

  8. awesome! it’s amazing he didn’t want to try some worms 🙂

  9. Oh the sweet lies we tell. I dont’ think they will ever remember. 😉 Can I have your password?

  10. Ha! 😀

    I just realized I don’t have your password. Will you please share it with me? Thanks in advance.

  11. Love that story 🙂 Could I pretty please have the password too – I thought I already did but I can’t seem to find it – thanks 🙂

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