A boy and his dog

Yesterday morning, Curly was playing with Legos and we were still enjoying our breakfast and newspaper at the table. It was fairly quiet until I heard Curly ask, “You play Legos with me?” and I turned to look at him and saw he was talking to our dog, Hazel. He asked her again, “You play Legos with me, Hadel?” (that’s how he says her name, z’s are hard). Nutella and I shared a look with each other, like, omg how adorable is that? and then said “[Curly], Hazel can’t play Legos since she doesn’t have hands, but she seems very interested in what you’re building!” Sure enough, Hazel was sitting near him and watching what he was doing closely. I grabbed the camera and ham that he is, Curly started gently petting her for the picture (evidence below).

Today, he was sitting down when Hazel walked up to him to sniff at him. He smiled and said “Hadel makes me happy.” A boy and his dog.

yes, yes, very aware he needs a haircut 😉

9 responses to “A boy and his dog

  1. Adorable pic (and I like Curly’s big curly hair, too)!

  2. That is so sweet. Annie keeps trying to get our dogs to have a tea party with her. Animals are so good for kids.

  3. That is so adorable. Hadel makes me happy…so sweet. 🙂

  4. reproducinggenius

    I think (for us anyway) because our pets held such central places in our lives before we had a child, the love and appreciation they have for one another is that much more poignant. I love this story. (BG has insisted that one of our cats take a bath with him on a number of occasions. He thinks it would be fun. I, on the other hand, fear for his boy bits.)

    BTW, Curly’s curls are marvelous! He really looks like a perfect mesh of the two of you in this photo.

  5. R is for Rose

    I love the curls! They won’t stick up so much if you let them get longer. 🙂

  6. That is so, so sweet.

    Can Curly teach The Bean to pat gently? Our cat is not a fan of the baby.

  7. He’s too cute! I just love what kids come up with!

  8. Too cute.

    But his hair is perfect! I love the curls!

  9. I love the hair!

    And the doggie is cute, too!!

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