Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

You’ve got to be carefully taught

I didn’t mention in the last post that when we went on our weekend getaway, we were able to meet up with other blog friends. They don’t blog anymore, but perhaps some of you will recognize the cherubic round face and silky blonde hair of their son, O, in these pictures. He’s 6 months younger than Curly and the two made very good playmates…

Chasing each other through a store

Sweetly holding hands

Seeing the boys holding hands was adorable, and they did so for a good few minutes. I don’t know when boys learn it’s no longer “cool” to do that, but it does sadden me to know that one day, society will teach Curly and his friends that it’s not socially acceptable to be affectionate with each other, regardless of what we tell him.

This morning, Nutella was wearing a headband and he asked “What’s that?” She told him, and without prompting he said, “For girls?” Already he is learning that it’s girls who wear accessories in their hair, not boys. And although we tell him boys can wear them, too (and Nutella did get one for him to wear), it’s going to be more than obvious to him soon what is ‘expected’ of his sex.

*Coincidentally, the boys were both wearing blue that day! 😛