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You’ve got to be carefully taught

I didn’t mention in the last post that when we went on our weekend getaway, we were able to meet up with other blog friends. They don’t blog anymore, but perhaps some of you will recognize the cherubic round face and silky blonde hair of their son, O, in these pictures. He’s 6 months younger than Curly and the two made very good playmates…

Chasing each other through a store

Sweetly holding hands

Seeing the boys holding hands was adorable, and they did so for a good few minutes. I don’t know when boys learn it’s no longer “cool” to do that, but it does sadden me to know that one day, society will teach Curly and his friends that it’s not socially acceptable to be affectionate with each other, regardless of what we tell him.

This morning, Nutella was wearing a headband and he asked “What’s that?” She told him, and without prompting he said, “For girls?” Already he is learning that it’s girls who wear accessories in their hair, not boys. And although we tell him boys can wear them, too (and Nutella did get one for him to wear), it’s going to be more than obvious to him soon what is ‘expected’ of his sex.

*Coincidentally, the boys were both wearing blue that day! 😛

Where snow go?

F@cebo.ok seems to be making it a lot harder to post here these days. It’s very easy to share pictures, tidbits about our days and the things that Curly does or says that it doesn’t seem we have much left to divulge here. But we don’t want to give up blogging, so here we are.

This past weekend we went on a little getaway about 2 hours north. We were hoping for some snow, but alas. Winter has been strangely absent. We did visit a ski resort, and have never seen so little snow at one before. Our plan was to drop Curly off at their “playcare” and go snow tubing. And we did drop him off, but the line for adult snow tubing was so long, people were asking for their money back. So we picked Curly up after a half hour (and playcare was so great, as opposed to what it was like on the cruise ship, that he was just as happy as could be), and then took him to the kiddie snow tubing hill. Curly is a fairly timid boy, not like some of the rough-and-tumble kids I’ve seen. We had originally thought he would be frightened of snow tubing, but the hill was pretty small and other little kids were enjoying it, so we gave it a go. And what do you know, he LOVED it. He giggled like a madman the whole way down. Sometimes he slid down with a mom, sometimes he did it all on his own. So yay…snow tubing success!

It is noticeably easier to travel with him these days, although we still have to employ the many tricks we have in our bag to distract him sometimes. I remember a lot more crying and inconvenience when he was younger though, and it seems to get better every time. This make us very much look forward to future travel adventures further from home, which seem to be getting closer and closer each day that passes. Probably nothing too major until he’s closer to 5, but considering he’s almost 3 (!), that doesn’t seem far off (most days).

We also took him to the zoo on our getaway, and he was really interested in all the animals, making the sounds they make or asking us what they were. He is absorbing so much and it’s really cute to witness. Funny little conversation with him in the car on the way to the zoo. We were asking him what animals he thought we were going to see. When he ran out of ideas, we said “Snakes?” He replied “I don’t like snakes.” We asked, “Why not?” “They’re icky..ewww.” We tried to reason with him that we liked snakes and maybe he didn’t because he heard one of his friends or teachers say they didn’t like them. Nutella then asked “Well, have you ever pet a snake?” And he answered, “No, only giraffes.” News to us!

And he’s off!

I think he liked it, no?

Little voice

Our Curly is a soft spoken guy.  His speech development is still a little behind his peers and a large part of the time we have no idea what he’s saying.  But he continues to improve and his teachers aren’t concerned.

A few nights ago he shocked us by starting to quietly sing along to the last few words in the chorus of “Moon River” as we sang him to bed.  And the next night he did the same thing with “Rainbow Connection” and again the following night with “Goodnight My Someone” (these are our 3 main rotation “lullabies”).  It’s just so heart melting to hear that soft voice singing the “and me”.  He’s a long way off from singing a whole song, but we love to hear him finding his voice.