Everyone in the Vermillion household needs coffee* to start the day.

*That would be 2 drops of coffee in a tiny mug of milk for Curly.

11 responses to “Venti..grande..tall

  1. LOVE IT.

  2. ha! cutest picture ever

  3. We do this too. “Coffee milk” is an essential part of our morning.

  4. reproducinggenius

    So cute! BG has a similar “coffee” cup (an old espresso cup he’s co-opted from us. He gets tea instead of coffee, but same principle (last night that same tea was a stand-in for wine–versatile stuff). I love how much they want to be like us.

  5. super cute!

  6. Oh. God. That. Is. Adorable.

  7. I used to do this with my fifteen year old! You should have seen the looks on the faces of waitresses when we went out to eat and my two year old ordered coffee when she asked what he wanted to drink!

  8. Sweet! My boys get to dip a finger into my frothed milk (latte).
    By the way, is your house heat-free this winter or do you always get bundled up to drink coffee??

  9. Puffer- lol. Getting our coffee made is usually the last step before leaving the house. Curly likes to chug his, and we bring ours with us to work.

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