Activity: snack time
Description of incident: Children were getting up off stage to wash hands when child bumped into another and was bit on his shoulder

Activity: free play
Description of incident: Child was playing with a puzzle on the shelf. Another child bit him on the shoulder.

Activity: Free play
Description of incident: Child was playing in housekeeping area and another child walked up to him and bit him on the back

Activity: Free play
Description of incident: Child was sitting on stage area reading a book when another child bit him on the hand

Activity: Free play
Description of incident: Child was sitting on the stage playing and another student walked up to him and bit him

(There were more, but those were the ones I had on hand)

The worst bite of all happened yesterday, 11/14. Through his shirt, drawing blood, as big as a child’s wide open mouth can get, and hard as she could clamp down. Many other children were getting bitten many months ago. Now it is just Curly. She is singling him out. He is passive, gentle, soft-spoken and not as verbal as the other kids. He doesn’t provoke her. She’s picking on what she sees as weak. They say 2 year olds can’t be bullies. We beg to differ.

The assistant director of our daycare sent her home after that last bite. She will not be returning the rest of this week. Her mother finally wrote us yesterday. Daycare was still trying to keep names out of it, but they know and we know. Her mother was deeply apologetic. They have never seen her bite before so they can never discipline the behavior. But they’ve been trying…to talk about it, to get doctors’ opinions, therapists’ opinions. They know her dismissal is now an imminent possibility.  We wrote back that we know it’s not their fault and that we’re sure it’s just as disturbing to them as it has been for us. The director told us there’s a meeting with upper management to talk about next steps. The only next step we really want is for her to be gone and our boy to be safe.

21 responses to “Enough.

  1. Sweet Jesus! I am SO so sorry you guys. That is just terrible. Breaks my heart to think of this devil child signaling out your sweet Curly. I hope the damn center gets this kid out NOW. xoxo

  2. Oh wow… Poor little guy. It’s awful. I hope she is moved quickly!

  3. Poor boy! That is ridiculous.

  4. Poor little guy! Glad the school is taking some action.

  5. This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine how you feel with this going on and on and on. A little girl scratched Yogi on the neck last week in an effort to get his lovey according to the teachers and it was so upsetting. Way more upsetting than I would have guessed it would be. I know you guys must be sick about this. Fingers crossed that they decide to dismiss her.

  6. Wow. What a terrible situation. I hope this all gets resolved quickly from here on out. Goodness knows it’s been going on long enough.

  7. Ouch! Poor curly! I’m glad they are finally doing something about it.

  8. O. M. G. Why hasn’t this kid been removed already?!? Poor Curly!

  9. I can’t believe this is still being allowed to happen and the daycare hasn’t done enough about it. Poor Curly. Ian was bitten a couple of times in the toddler room, something that we never experienced with Erik, and it was very upsetting to see those big bite marks on him. I can imagine it’s just as upsetting to be the parent on the other side of it, but it’s not acceptable for the daycare to continue to allow that to happen to so many children for such a long period of time.

  10. Wow, that’s brutal. Such a tough situation, but I’m glad they are finally discussing it at a level that something might actually happen. So sad to see Curly hurt like that. I’m glad you’re communicating with the parents too. Good luck.

  11. That is ridiculous. Both of you have been more than patience and tolerant of the situation. I am glad that action is being taken – it’s not okay for your son’s safety to be compromised while he is at school.

  12. reproducinggenius

    Poor Curly! It’s got to be helpful that you’re in touch with the parents and that the daycare is taking some more serious action. What a troubling situation all around–I mean, as hard as it is to see your child come home bleeding(!) from another child’s actions, I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to see your precious child physically harm others. Oy. Parenting is tough.

    P.S. If the bite is bruised, you might try some arnica gel on it. We love it for BG’s painful spots, for it takes the pain and the mark away quickly.

  13. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this and that Curly is being targeted. Our school has a “three bites and you’re out” rule which I know many parents think is draconian but I think it’s designed to prevent exactly this type of situation. I hope the other child is moved or dismissed so that Curly can enjoy school without having to constantly watch for predators.

  14. Yikes, that’s awful. Poor guy. Do you know what the daycare does when they catch this girl in the act?

  15. I can’t believe it took this long to get some action. Poor Curly! (and poor moms).

  16. Poor little guy, that’s an awful bit mark. Totally breaks my heart.

    I hope you are able to reach a resolution soon – such a difficult situation for everyone.

  17. Holy crud. Nutella wasn’t kidding about an awful morning. Poor Curly. 😦 😦

  18. Unacceptable. My head is just shaking. And they have to have a MEETING to determine the next STEP??? Keep us posted…

  19. omg, poor little curly! i’m sure it’s also difficult for the other child’s parents, but this is beyond unacceptable. i hope she is moved soon. there should be no meetings about it. 😦

  20. Aw, that just makes my heart sick. Poor Curly. I know this must be difficult for her parents as well but that is none of your concern. Curly’s safety and happiness is all that matters. I hope there is a good outcome… And soon.

  21. Ouch! Jeez. I truly hope something changes soon for all of you.

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