Row row row your stuff

Toddlers are…interesting. Curly started doing this thing several months ago and still does it like it’s going out of style. He makes rows. Yes, rows.

Long rows.

Short rows.

Rows of books.

Rows of whatever.

Just give him some stuff and yes siree, he’ll make a row out of it. And then announce his row and look quite pleased with himself.

So, toddler parents, what…interesting things do your kids do?

22 responses to “Row row row your stuff

  1. Ha ha, that’s so cute. Looks like he’s very organized. I love how all the animals are facing the same direction. Ian does that with his toy cars but I haven’t seen him do it with anything else.

  2. That’s really interesting!
    The one quirky thing Sadie does is hide her toys inside her Pot.tery Ba.rn kids chair. She unzips the slip cover and piles stuff in. She’s really sneaky about it too. I’ve only seen her retrieve toys, I’ve never seen them go in. (;

  3. Owen’s a row-maker too… and trucks, end to end to end.

    I like how Curly is chillin’ on his pillow.

  4. Toddlers are the weirdest, aren’t they? Christopher has recently decided that he must control where everyone sits. He will sit one of us on the couch, then make you move to the other side, then put his stuffed bear where you were sitting . . . on and on and on. It’s like freaking musical chairs around here.

  5. reproducinggenius

    That is so funny! They’re all very neat rows too! He looks very proud. 🙂

    BG likes to hide things, stick things in small places. We have a sofa with a chaise, and BG hides things under the chaise/automan element–bits of puzzles mostly. More recently, though, he has been going into his room and getting very quiet. I knew he was peeling his star decals off of the wall. What I didn’t know until I started looking for some of the larger ones was that he was dropping them down the heater register on the floor!

    You’ve gotta love toddler brains!

  6. that is so cute, I love the second pic where he looks so nonchalent “yeah, I make rows..that’s cool” lol

  7. We have a row maker too! Rows of cars, trains, cheerios, flip flops… he doesn’t discriminate!

  8. Lucas likes to put Nana’s rollers in his hair. He must have a roller in the morning.

  9. Hi-larious. So freakin cute.

    I like to make piles. My deal with S. is she can have clutter and I won’t process it but I am allowed to stack it into neat right-angle piles.

    Looks like Curly is a little OCD perhaps…just like me. 🙂

  10. Love the artist-at-work shots! 🙂

    Bird lines up her books and stuffed animals in her crib before falling asleep. I have dozens of pictures capturing all the funny little combinations she comes up with! Funny babies!!

  11. R is for Rose

    Can I buy him a set of Dupl0 bricks for his Birthday? Then he can make STACKS to go with his rows!

  12. A future engineer? Uncle G would get a kick out of this.

  13. That’s pretty flippin cute!

  14. That is sooooooo cute! I love his facial expressions!

  15. So cute! Miles William makes incredibly long trains. And Oscar can turn anything into a phone/walkie talkie – rocks, sticks, a sandwich, whatever.

  16. Oh, and both boys also play games with imaginary friends/toys named “Jenni” and “Nelson” which cracks me up.

  17. So cute! He’ll be the most organized little boy in preschool!

  18. Oh my god, I love this. Such organization at such a young age! Our wee toddler is obsessed with pulling everything OFF and OUT – off shelves, tabletops, you name it. Cutest, most annoying is him pulling the cover off the drain during bath time, looking at me proudly and doing the “all done” sign. After two minutes of bath.

  19. Cute! Kai likes to make her things say “Hi!” to each other. She also likes to stick knick knacks (pompoms, rocks) into her toy pots/bowls.

  20. So funny. Our kids are young toddlers, and have recently become obsessed with putting stuff into stuff. When it’s putting shapes into the shape sorter, that’s great. But more often, it’s putting things where they don’t belong. The missing sippy cup will later be found in the box of cheerios, socks turn up in the recycle bin, etc. They love the Sandra Boynton “Doggies” book, which I can see from the lovely row of books you also own. Their favorite is #3. They insist on making that noise at all dogs. Our own dogs, dogs they see in the park, the dogs in pictures. It takes forever to get out of daycare at the end of the day because they have to stop and bark at all of the dogs on the wallpaper lining the hall.

  21. At our house the row stretches into a parade, generally all the way around the coffee table and consists mostly of dinosaurs and cars!

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