Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

It’s you!

Curly started in the 2’s room at school and aside from the fact that it’s been raining every day and thus no playground time, he’s enjoying himself.  It’s a class of 12 with 2 full time teachers and a floater.  That takes a special kind of person.  In “cute things my toddler does now” news, Curly has recently started pointing out certain things he sees TO those things if he has them in his possession. For instance, if he is playing with his baby doll and sees a picture of a doll, he’ll say ‘It’s you, baby!” or if he’s playing with his Thomas Engine and spots his Thomas book, “It’s you, choo choo!” He also does this with pictures of Mommy and Ima, Elmo, whatever. Kind of adorable. He’s also gotten much more imaginative with his playing and drawing- it’s nice to see those skills blossoming.

Below are two videos of Curly, demonstrating such cuteness.

And, in other happy news…. I got a new job!!  It’s with the same (very large) employer but a totally different division.  And it means no more 14 hours days or 14 hour Saturdays!  The transition is a bitch and I feel really sad to be leaving some of my old team, but overall I am very excited!