Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

Something’s coming, something good

Even though Curly’s language skills are a little delayed, in the past week we’ve heard/seen some things that have surprised us in a very good way. He is starting to use commands, which are usually 2-3 words. “Mommy, shoes off!” “Dog, eat!” “Mommy lay-ow” ( lay down). We had a lot of fun on the couch last night when he was continually telling me to lay down by pressing on my shoulder, and then telling me ‘Up!’ so I’d spring back up and he’d have a chuckle. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you ask him “What color is this?” he always says “Lello!” but when you ask him for the red, green or blue block, he will bring you the correct color. His imaginative play is starting to evolve. When he’s building blocks, he now builds with purpose, showing us that he’s made a “Copter!”, “Choo choo!” or “Boat!” Guess we have to teach him that he can build more than just vehicles.

He realizes when he’s done something wrong, and when he’s hurt one of us by accident. If we say “ouch!” in response to something he’s done, he’ll look bashful and point out the “boo boo.” He may even say “Sowwy” although it doesn’t sound like he means it yet.

85% of the time, he’ll tell us he’s pooped after the fact. Unfortunately, sometimes he says he’s pooped when he hasn’t (which he probably confuses with another bodily function in the same area). Potty-training boot camp at daycare is going as well as we thought. He pees in the potty about half the time. We haven’t had any further luck at home and we’re not pushing it.

Next week we’re going to be at the beach, sharing a house with Love+Love=Marriage. Very excited about it, especially now that Curly and HP are of an excellent age to interact and play!