And we’ll have fun fun fun

Day 23 – What are your favorite activities to do with your kid(s)?

Strawberry: In the day to day sense, I love to play wrestle with him. I’ll disclaim that by saying he’s not a huge cuddler and it seems his favorite way to be physical is by climbing on us and using us like a jungle gym. When we “wrestle” he is constantly laughing and in turn, makes us laugh…and I think giving in to his desire for that kind of physicality, which is not actually too rough, is kinda nice. Very “boyish” but that’s how he is. We also like reading to him before bedtime. Nutella adds that he is usually only cuddly when watching tv (sadly) so we enjoy that as well, although we limit it. And she loves building blocks with him. They’ve made some nice castles together.

In general, taking him to a park where he can run and play is nice…he’s got his freedom and we can relax more. He’s also great on walks in his stroller and we try to do that every day (good exercise for moms, too). Recently we brought him to our local sand volleyball court with his beach toys and he loved it. I see many more trips there in the future.

Day 24 – What are your favorite activities to do without your kid(s)? (keep it clean!)

Our favorites include going out to eat, seeing live theatre, and going out dancing or to gatherings with friends (where you can actually talk and not have to kid-wrangle). In the past two weeks, both of our steady babysitters have told us they’re moving (like, thousands of miles away), so now we have to find new sitters, sigh. Hopefully we can find a couple more good ones so our opportunities to keep doing our favorite non-kid activities still exist. We do take him out to eat every so often, but it’s never relaxing….although excellent picture opportunities often present themselves.

6 responses to “And we’ll have fun fun fun

  1. mamaandmummy

    Mmm, toddlers love martinis! I love the idea of taking him to the sand volleyball court to play with his sand toys. And good for the two of you for doing a stroller walk every night! That’s one of our goals as well, as long as the weather is nice.

  2. Sand volleyball court…ingenious!! Sorry you are losing good sitters…that is a real bummer. Wish you lived closer to here, then I could get you the sitter HOOK-UP!

  3. We wrestle with the kids too. It’s fun but as they get bigger (say, 4 and a half years old) and still want to use you as a jungle gym, it gets kind of annoying. LOL.

  4. wow he is a cutie! play wrestling is always fun around here too (with hook not the wigglers)

  5. This is completely random and off-topic, but I LOVE the tattoo in the last photo! I think someone should blog about that beauty!

  6. My niece was the same way. No cuddles but she would wrestle all day

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