Eat right through the menu

Day 7 – What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you have children, what are their favorites?


Breakfast: My usual is a kashi cherry dark chocolate granola bar and home-brewed coffee with cream and sugar. My favorite is a Belgian waffle topped with a mix of fresh berries, served with a side of crispy bacon and a cappuccino.

Lunch: My usuals are typically yogurt, a turkey or tuna sandwich or a salad with grilled chicken. My favorite is mac n’ cheese with bacon (sense a theme?) or Pasta Fresca with parmesan chicken, both from Noo.dles & Co.

Dinner: We usually have chicken, pork, steak or pasta dishes. My new favorite is a pepperoni stromboli Nutella recently made, although I am always game for filet mignon, maybe wrapped in bacon, with a side of potatoes and a glass of red wine. Did I mention I like bacon?


Breakfast: I’m a carbs girl in the morning, although I don’t have a usual.  Could be cereal, could be a granola bar. I drink either coffee with splend@ and cream or black British tea with milk and sugar. My favorite is fresh buttermilk pancakes with real grade B maple syrup.  And I love a good hearty steel cut oatmeal.

Lunch: I’m very inconsistent with lunch.  I will often get to 2 pm and realize that I haven’t eaten.  I’m not a big sandwich eater, I’d prefer a hearty salad.  In cold weather I love soups and chilis.

Dinner: I’m the main cook in our household, but my favorite things to eat are ones that I don’t cook or don’t cook often.  My favorite meal was one we had on our honeymoon.  Steamed lobster and an amazing dessert featuring pomegranate sorbet, an almond tuile and fresh berries.  Did I mention that I love sweets, too?


Breakfast: I would say his favorite is what we give him most days- a whole grain toaster waffle with a side of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches or banana usually). He’s also a big fan of scones.

Lunch and Dinner: He eats the healthy options his daycare serves, or whatever we’re eating at home. But his two favorites by far are chicken shawarma with hummus and fruit & veggie squeeze packs by Plu.m Orga.nics that he can suck out of the container himself (they’re our secret weapon to get him to eat veggies…he even likes the broccoli one!)

6 responses to “Eat right through the menu

  1. I really want to try the squeeze packs with G, but I’m scared…juice boxes are a complete disaster every time. I’m afraid we’ll end up with a HUGE mess.

  2. Allison, the IKEA bibs are your friend. Want me to send you a set of 4? Curly actually licks the goo off of the bib is he drops any.

  3. Totally with you on the squeeze packs! It’s a dinner must-have when all else fails.

  4. Haha! Love the bacon! 🙂

  5. I’m having a big old chili craving now!!

  6. Strawberry, we have very similar likes in the food category! Hee hee. Thanks for reading my blog, btw, and for coming up with this challenge!

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