Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

Glory days

Day 2 -Describe your high school self.  What extracurricular activities, if any, did you participate in during high school?

Nutella: I was that really weird girl walking the halls singing.  I was in the show choir, a few other choirs, every play, and every musical.  I was very smart, but not very focused on school work unless it was music or theatre.  I did enough homework and studying to pass my classes. My “crowd” was the super involved outcasts.  Band, orchestra, newspaper, debate, It’s Academic, student government,  theatre, and choir.  The same 30-60 or so people did all of those.  We were often in the same classes together, too. The music and theatre classes were only offered once a day so by default you ended up in the same English and History classes.  I never ate lunch in the cafeteria.  And years later I still occasionally run into people that I went to school with.  They ALWAYS know me and I almost never know them.  I didn’t date, came out to the world at the beginning of my junior year, and went to prom with my best friend.  People left me alone because I was just too weird.

Strawberry: I was fairly shy in high school. I did well in classes, mostly A’s and B’s, but I wasn’t good at math. My “crowd” was the smart kids (but not the nerds) who were mostly involved in Honors Society, Language Honors societies, Odyssey of the Mind, government, Debate, Key club, the school newspaper, etc. Interestingly, theatre was mostly for stoners. Personally, I was secretary of Key club and in Honors and Spanish Honors societies. I wasn’t driven enough to partake in any of the other clubs or activities but a lot of my friends were in them so sometimes I went to a meeting here or there to hang out. I had 6-8 close friends and a lot of acquaintances I wasn’t really friends with, but my friends were (they were in larger social circles than me). I did my best to be an extroverted introvert. I dated three different guys during the span of high school and only the last actually went to my school. I never “came out” publicly but there were rumors about me in senior year because one of my close friends must’ve let it slip. By then it didn’t matter much because we were about to graduate. I went to my senior prom with a good male friend from another school and had a blast, even though I wished I were with my best female friend instead (sigh, teen angst/unrequited love filled most of my high school years. It was hard.)