The new 30 Day Non-Challenge! “Non-challenge” because we will not be offended if you don’t answer all of the questions or decide to skip certain days. Just have fun with it! An Offering of Love and I came up with these and we hope you like them, but I will disclaim this by saying that some questions assume you are in a two-mom household or have a partner/spouse (since that is true of most of our readership). So please don’t hold it against us if you don’t feel every question applies- we did our best! Hope you have fun with this during the month of June. Without further adieu…

Day 1 – Provide a picture of the space where you normally blog
Day 2 -Describe your high school self.  What extracurricular activities, if any, did you participate in during high school?
Day 3 -What are your guilty pleasures?
Day 4 – (for parents) What has most surprised you about parenthood?
(for parents-to-be)  What has most surprised you about ttc?
Day 5 -What do you prefer to do on your birthday? If you have children, what do you prefer to do for their birthday?
Day 6 – When was the last time you tried something new? What was it and what was the result?
Day 7 – What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you have children, what are their favorites?
Day 8 – If you had to teach something, what would you teach? (If you DO teach, when did you discover your love for teaching/the subject?)
Day 9 – What is the most important lesson you learned from your own mother (or other primary caretaker)?
Day 10 – Share your favorite recipe (or two)
Day 11 – In what ways does being a lesbian/2-mom family impact your experience of parenting?
Day 12 – Tell us about the first time you got drunk (as far as you can remember…)
Day 13 – Tell us about the best job you ever had, and the worst
Day 14 – How do you typically dress? How do you (or would you) like to dress your kid(s)?
Day 15 – What was your college experience like? Were you involved in any clubs, groups, etc?
Day 16 – How many friends do you have in real life that you talk to regularly? How many friends do you have that you feel are ‘true blue’ and how long have you known them?
Day 17 – (for parents) What is your favorite thing about parenthood?  Your least favorite?
(for parents-to-be) What are you most looking forward to about parenthood?
Day 18 – How do you feel about astrology? What’s your sign, baby, and do you think it matches your personality?
Day 19 – How do you (and your partner if applicable) feel about PDA?
Day 20 – What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? Did you repay the kindness?
Day 21.   What child(ren)’s names do you like that your partner hates and thus you could never use?
Day 22 – What is your most beloved childhood memory? What memories are you trying to create (or will you try to create) for your child(ren)?
Day 23 – What are your favorite activities to do with your kid(s)?
Day 24 – What are your favorite activities to do without your kid(s)? (keep it clean!)
Day 25 – What did you want to be when you grew up? Why and/or how did that change over time?
Day 26 – What is/are the best piece(s) of parenting advice you’ve gotten or can give others?
Day 27 – Which movies or tv shows do you think are the most accurate portrayals of parenthood?
Day 28 – What size family do you come from, what size family do you want, and why?
Day 29 – What do you think about giving kids an allowance, and what chores do you or would you expect your child(ren) to help out with?
Day 30 – What is/are the most memorable questions or reactions you’ve gotten in regards to being a two-mom family?

23 responses to “Introducing…

  1. fun…i think this is just what I need for the moment to get my out of my rut. count me in!

  2. Love it!! Count me in!

  3. thanks for coming up with this, it looks like fun! i need all the help i can get coming up with topics these days.

  4. I am in. I love a good blog challange! I will repost for others.

  5. I’m innnnn! Thank you for working on these great questions!

  6. I’m totally in!! What a great idea!!! 🙂

  7. Great idea – I look forward to reading what everyone has to say! (I just don’t get enough blogging time, unfortunately, to keep up)

  8. I haven’t blogged in so long, because I feel like I say the same thing every time! This is great! Maybe I will do most of them….

  9. I don’t have kids but I’m IN! 🙂

  10. Holly Homemaker

    New to blogging but followed your lovely family and Curly since the beginning. This might be too entertaining to pass up. Thanks!

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  12. Feminist Housewife

    Fun! I’m in!

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  17. Oooh! Count me in!
    This looks like the kick in the pants I needed to get back to blogging.
    I’ll start tomorrow and then try to catch-up

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  21. How awesome! I saw this on someone elses blog and thought it was perfect while I wait for AF to show and to start my IVF cycle 🙂

  22. OOH!!! I LOVE this idea!! so so clever! Mind if I incorporate it for July and link back to ya’ll?

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