The Wrong Message

We received a package from my grandparents for Curly’s birthday. My step-grandmother was very excited because the book had been written by her friend’s daughter and she had signed it (not specifically to Curly though). When we opened the package, we noticed a bright red book with a giant detachable coach’s whistle affixed to the cover. That was our first clue in to thinking maybe it wasn’t the greatest choice, but whatever. Then we read the title, which you’ll have to click the link for because we don’t want to be searchable by it:Ā

I immediately said to Nutella, “The “wrong” way? There IS no wrong way to whistle!” to which she replied, “I’m sure that’s the message of the book, just read it.”

So I read it to Curly and besides being unimpressed, began to get irritated because page by page, it appeared that no, that was not the message. By the time I got to the end, it was clear that the author thinks there IS a right way to whistle (blowing out) and a wrong way to whistle (breathing in). Black and white, people, and if you do it the “wrong” way, you must be silly.

Needless to say, the book is being donated although we’ll let him keep the whistle.

13 responses to “The Wrong Message

  1. I can whistle both in and out. Ha!

  2. Ouch. That’s a rough complex for a kid to have…whistling the “wrong” way?? WTH! Since when isn’t a whistle a whistle…either way you do it? Sheesh! Sounds like it will make a lovely donate item! šŸ™‚

  3. mamaandmummy

    What a weird book! Makes me think of the “right” way to hold pencils, which I also can’t do, come to think of it! “Right” is just an opinion in many, many cases.

  4. what a strange concept for a book! i agree: donate!!

  5. wow. That is, indeed, quite the interesting lesson for a toddler. Nothing like teaching them early, “YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!”

    I whistle out but if I want to carry on the tune I whistle as I inhale – so how about THAT!

  6. I can only do it the “wrong” way!

  7. Ah, a truly whimsical book indeed! Wow…

  8. Oh my! I like what Calliope said. Nothing like getting that message out as early as possible. šŸ˜¦ Yikes.

    Keeping the whistle and donating the book is definitely the way to go.

  9. All I can think to say is “Weird!”. Donate for sure.

  10. Wow. I’m amazed that someone along the line didn’t realize that this book should not be published.

  11. Cheeks is only six months old. When she laughs, she INHALES instead of EXHALING. But a laugh is a laugh. Who is anyone to say she’s doing it wrong? I’d donate it too!

  12. Oh, you should toss the wistle too. Trust me.

  13. but to whistle a tune, you need to do both! thisbook is dumb.

    it always shocks me when kids’ books have such stupid messages. saw one the other day about a (very charming) dog who wants to do all these people things. the ending? the obnoxious kid yells at him that he CAN’T because he’s a DOG!!!! wtf?

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