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Blog Challenge, Days 21 & 22

Favorite City

Nutella’s favorite city is NYC for all the reasons that people tend to love NYC.

Me, I’m split between Philadelphia and Provincetown, and I could definitely be happy living in Provincetown (just not in the winter).

Favorite Vacation

Our favorite vacation was a whirlwind week-long trip to London in 2007. It was my first overseas trip and since I love British history, I could. not. wait. We saw as much as we could and our feet were SO sore from all the walking we did (because there was a Tube strike during part of our trip). We took three guided walking tours including one ghost tour, rode the Eye, toured Hampton Court and the Tower of London, took a day trip to the Cotswolds, walked around Oxford University (where Nutella studied abroad in college), explored Hyde Park, saw a show at the Globe theatre, visited the Victoria & Albert museum, shopped at Harrod’s, etc. It was amazing, although we kind of needed another vacation afterwards!

The Londoners were kind to us and one of the funnier stories we came back with was when we were riding the Tube, a young man who heard us talking asked if he “detected an American accent.” When we responded affirmatively, he went on and on about how he loves America and spent 3 weeks here, mostly in Texas, which is his favorite. Especially the site of the Alamo. When we got off at our stop, he yelled “God Bless America!”

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