Blog Challenge, Days 10 & 11

Something you’re afraid of

Strawberry- Something Very Bad happening to my loved ones (but overall I don’t think on it much) and any creature with over 6 legs *shiver*

Nutella- Needles

Favorite TV shows

These days we’re usually watching reality tv like Top Chef, Top Design Star and Survivor as well as premium shows like Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, Boardwalk Empire, and The Borgias. We’ve always loved us some good dramas a la True Blood, Rome, Carnivale, Deadwood, Mad Men, Sopranos, Queer as Folk and Big Love. I tend to watch more tv than Nutella…she only watches about half of what I listed. I also like The Office and Modern Family, both of which she hates (!).

9 responses to “Blog Challenge, Days 10 & 11

  1. oh my how could anyone hate the office and modern family? i looove those shows!

  2. I can’t wait to rent The Borgias! Did you watch The Tudors? If so, how does it compare? (We enjoyed The Tudors, so I’m thinking we’ll like this new series.) I also like Big Love and QaF, but I had to stop listing shows at some point or it would have been The Blog Entry What Would Not End 🙂

  3. Kirsten- She hates Seinfeld, too. Just not a sitcom kinda girl I guess.

    glam- Entertainment-wise, the Tudors was…fun. Being scholars of that time period however, Nutella and I frequently shouted at the tv for seeing so many wrong and/or anachronistic things. The Borgias, and this is only based on the first episode, seems much heavier on historical detail (which we like). Not as “fun” as the Tudors, but if you like historical dramas, you’ll like it.

  4. Not like Modern Family?…I shutter at the thought.

  5. mamaandmummy

    Love Top Chef. 🙂 I also love the Office and Modern Family, but I loathe and detest almost all sitcoms– they’re about the only exceptions. C likes things like King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond and I just can’t stand them! I have a very low Seinfeld tolerance, too.

  6. how can you hate modern family?!

  7. Sorry you guys, they’re just too predictable and frankly, not very funny to me. and when strawberry talks about the Tudors, you may get the impression that I actually sat and watched any of it, which is barely the truth. Mostly I walked by while she was watching and derided her for wasting her time on such trash 🙂

  8. I’ve really liked The Tudors as well and will gladly rent The Borgias when it is available from Netflix.

  9. Oh, The Tudors was a total soap opera with little historical accuracy, no doubt. But it was a fun one!

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