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30 Day Challenge, Day 1

Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

I guess this is where we ‘come out’ so to speak. Let’s see….we started this blog about 3 years ago in order to document our experience, connect with a similar community, and basically escape the realities of our lives. Being online and anonymous has really been a godsend for the both of us. When we decided to have a child together, it was a boon to have others reading, giving us advice, and following along with no preconceptions of who we were.

15 interesting facts about us….

Nutella has always had an interesting career in acting.

I prefer to wear suits instead of dresses to formal events.

Nutella used to live in New York.

I am older than I look.

Nutella has grown up with three extremely close friends; they’re inseparable.

I was homecoming queen in high school.

Nutella loves to dress up and wear make-up.

I am originally from Seattle.

Nutella’s favorite nickname for me is ‘baby.’

I have no qualms about standing up for Nutella and protecting her from her fans.

We met and fell in love in London.

I have been involved in radical feminist politics in college.

Nutella is naturally blonde.

I am a gold star lesbian.

Nutella has two children from a previous marriage, but we don’t talk about them here.

Without any further adieu….

Strawberry (left) and Nutella (right)

Happy April Fools, everyone!