First conversation

On Monday, Strawberry stayed home with Curly due to a teacher work day at daycare and I did the bedtime routine solo to give her a break.  Positioned behind the “nursing” chair in Curly’s room is our long-neglected elliptical machine.  When I finished reading his last bedtime book and picked him up to head to the crib, he caught sight of it.

Curly pointing: Wahzz-at? (translation: “what is that?”, possibly the first complete sentence from him.)

Nutella: That is an elliptical machine.  The mommies use it to exercise (3 years ago).

Curly: {look of confusion}

Nutella: You know how Mr. Will comes to school and you have Funtastic Fitness?  That’s exercise.  Well the mommies use this to exercise, because Mr Will doesn’t come to our house.  Do you want to touch it?

Curly: Yeah {gently touches the frame of the elliptical}

Nutella: Ok, let’s say good night.

Curly: Night-night.

6 responses to “First conversation

  1. I LOVE that you call yourselves ‘the mommies’.

  2. 🙂
    O. would probably hit it.

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