Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

The Age of No

Somewhere during his 21st month, Curly learned that it was in his control to say the word ‘No’ and make a point. So he began to do it very often. They aren’t kidding when they say with toddlers, everything is ‘No.’ Even when it’s ‘Yes.’ Case in point: “Do you want your milk?” “No” (while taking the milk). “Are you hungry?” “No” (and one minute later he begs to eat) “Did you poop?” “No” (oh yes he did)

Of course, sometimes the answer really is “No” and we have no problem with him asserting his independence through the use of that word, but we’d rather not hear it 80 times a day thank you very much. Starting to emerge is “Yeah” and a positive nodding of the head. Those are far and few between, but lovely to see. Hopefully one day it’ll be a 50/50 split.

I am also posting to say that a remote-controlled car is a really excellent toy for a youngin. We purchased oneĀ  for 2+ years when he was 20 months old and it never fails to amuse. He locks his eyes on it and just stares when I, or Nutella, are in control. Sometimes we give him the remote, and while he loves pushing the buttons, it seems he doesn’t quite get the fact that it actually controls the little car. So he’ll hold the remote and tell one of us to give it a push. Funny.