Been eatin’ them this way since we were very little

Curly enjoys his first Oreo* cookie.

*In this evening’s performance, the role of “Oreo” will be played by Newman-O’s organic creme filled chocolate cookie.

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10 responses to “Been eatin’ them this way since we were very little

  1. Twist and stack. Eat discarded extra bits if nobody else is about to eat them. This is extra good with a double stuff. Simple necessity with a regular oreo.

    That is too freaking cute.

  2. dunk and bite. I’m not a big fan of icing, but I do love Oreos! He looks like he picked up on it quick! He’s a pro!

  3. I’m a dunker, but both my littles twist and lick.

  4. aw, i love how he looks at you twisting it open, then mimics it! that is so sweet!! :~)

  5. Awesome. He eats it the way I do šŸ™‚

  6. He’s an icing guy! Did he eventually eat the cookie?

  7. He eventually ate one of the two cookie halves and then kept asking for more (icing) and we did not give in, poor guy šŸ˜‰

  8. Hahaha! I love how excited he was when he realized he could go right to the filling and not even have to eat that nasty old dry chocolate cookie! A boy after my own heart. Too funny. He’s adorable.

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