Now that Curly is approaching 2, it seems that things are clicking for him at a greater speed than before. He’s not yet at the point where he’s picking up 10 new words a day or anything like that, but he does pick up one or two or a sign here and there. His favorite new sign and word is “helicopter” (pronounced “Ca-ta” for copter, and signed like this). He is forever looking for things he knows and saying them. The other night, Nutella and I gave him some crayons which he wasn’t very interested in, but when she and I drew things he knows (like a banana, a dog or flower), he would happily point them out and say or sign them.

He’s much more willing and able to use a spoon and fork, although it’s a huge mess of course (see evidence below). He has begun answering yes or no questions, even if he doesn’t always mean it. We’ve definitely come to the point where the answer to most things is ‘no’ and then he tries to do or eat whatever he just turned down.

He has (and I hate to jinx it), very short-lived tantrums. Like 10 seconds of screaming, or simply throwing himself on the floor and sucking his thumb. I’d like to think this is in part because we address things immediately. He knows that screaming will get him either put on a step (which works pretty well these days), or put in his crib, so he usually gives up quickly.

He loves books more than anything else and is constantly searching for his favorites. I think we need some new ones! Unfortunately, he probably won’t start potty-training until he’s 3, but you can’t win everything. Still, we feel that he’s on the cusp of a learning explosion and it’s a really exciting thing to watch.

17 responses to “Clicking

  1. Yay, Miles! It’s awesome how much you girls use signs.

    I must get one of those eating smocks.

  2. I love the drop cloth smock 🙂

  3. he looks so proud in that first photo! :o)

  4. hm…that was supposed to be a smiley. wth?

  5. Two is the best; you guys are going to love it.

  6. I like the smock, too… we could totally use one of those. Where did you get it?

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. The bib you see was bought at IKEA. 2 pack for less that $5, if I recall. We have 4 and they go right in the washing machine after every meal.

  8. Awesome shots! Very cute smock 🙂

  9. I’m always willing to buy books for my nephew! Any suggestions??

  10. Adorable! You definitely a happy little guy on your hands. How cool to see his evolving personality!

  11. He is so cute and I love reading about exciting milestones. Love the smock too. I need one of those for Ian. Definitely going to look for it next time I go to Ikea. 🙂

  12. Rebecca- He’s still got an Amazon wish list in his name (although I can’t for the life of me remember the log in address & password, sigh). But definitely board books, Todd Parr as our #1 author, and ‘first word’ picture books.

  13. He’s getting so big! I love the photos. 🙂

  14. Love the curls Miles. Don’t let anyone cut them off ok?

  15. i love his hair. i hope our baby boy has curls!

    (we picked a donor with wavy hair and mine is loose curls… gotta just wait and see.)

  16. He’s so cute! This is such a fun age, isn’t it? I agree that it’s really fun to watch them learning so many new things, but do they really ever learn 10 words a day? I can’t fathom that!

  17. I love that first picture. He just looks so pleased! It’s awesome seeing them get so much joy out of such simple things. Elliot is obsessed with books, too. The library is our friend! I have great luck at Goodwill, too. Sure, some of them have other kids’ names in the front but Elliot doesn’t know that. LOL! One time I managed to pop in right after a church had shut down its library – jackpot!!

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