Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

Babysitter round-up

I thought I’d update on how our search for good babysitters has gone. We joined C@re.com a few months back, for one month. We posted a job description, noted how easy it would be since he would be sleeping, and said the person must be comfortable with our two-mom family. Oh, and like chihuahuas. We got a ton of responses. It was fairly easy to tell the good ones from the bad. We interviewed 4 people.

The first sitter we used 3 times. She was nice and mostly responsible, but talked our ears off, was late on a time-sensitive night, and we felt was encroaching a bit on employer/employee boundaries. We’re looking for a babysitter, not a new friend, sorry. She’s still on our list, but we haven’t used her in a while.

The second sitter seemed perfect…was really nice and friendly at the interview, sounded mature and responsible. And then disappeared. She didn’t respond to our emails asking her to babysit. We were sad, but what can you do? Guess something didn’t work out for her and we took the clue and moved on.

The third sitter was on the younger side (21), but had lots of experience. We’ve used her 3 times so far and each time has been perfectly fine. Of course, she recently asked if she could bring her 17 year-old sister along with her sometimes to keep her company. Seems strange to us, no? I mean, the sitter is in school so she can do her classwork or watch tv or movies, or surf the web like she’s been doing. Maybe her younger sister is just so bored at home that she wants to accompany her? Anyway, it’s definitely not a deal-breaker, but it’s weird.

Finally, we just interviewed a fourth sitter this past weekend. She’s perfect. In grad school, mature, responsible, tons of experience, lives 5 minutes away, and studying to be a speech-pathologist. We haven’t used her yet, but are thinking about making her our primary sitter. The only thing is she graduates this year so who knows what will happen afterwards.

Anyway, C@re.com is obviously working out great and I highly recommend it. Besides, where else can you find jewels like the following responses?

Despite that I am a college student, I have always been very responsible, dependable and great with kids.
“Despite”? I tend to think more highly of college students than high school students 🙂

I am my own reliable transportation
So are you planning on walking?


I own two dogs, two ferrets, a snake, and fish, so allergies are not a concern to me.
Thank you for listing your menagerie. I didn’t know one could be allergic to fish.

I respect that you are a two mom family, the majority of my friends are either bisexual or have gay parents!
Where were these kids when I was growing up??

I would like to take care your baby i have experience i have three childrens my olders is 16 and we are christian family

I have extra time that can be used with kids because i really enjoy them.
Not much wrong with this except that it was the entire response. Nothing else.