Unexpected consequence of 2 mom family

I know this phase will pass quickly, but at this point, Strawberry and I are both addressed as “mama” by Curly.  So when one of us leaves his presence he loudly and repeatedly calls “Mama! Mama? Mama!”  At home, this is sweet.  Out in public it just makes it appear that whoever is with him ISN’T his mother.

20 responses to “Unexpected consequence of 2 mom family

  1. We’re in the SAME boat. S. is convinced that Owen calls me “Maymay” but I have yet to hear it. We’re both just mamamamamamamama.

  2. I hadn’t thought of this happening…damn. I could see how this could be problemsome in public.

  3. Yup, same here. But then, I suppose the same would be true, in terms of public perception, if he was shouting Mum, Mom, Mommy, Mam or any other mother-figure variation (assuming you chose two different mum-related names).

  4. We were in the same boat, and then it became Mama and who ever was not around became “other mommy”. That I had to put an end to…drove me nuts personally. So now we have MamaT and MommyLissa…works for us.

  5. RB solved this problem by deciding to call my wife “dada”. Now that is all sorts of awkward in public…

  6. I never thought of this scenario before. Huh. I wonder what beezy will call us and what the public ramifications will be.

  7. LOL. Erik called us both Mumma for a while when he was little and now Ian is doing the exact same thing. It’s just easier for them to pronounce than “Mommy”. It won’t last long and I bet when one of you answers but he means the other, he lets you know! 🙂 I’ve thought the same thing when out in public, though. We just keep saying “Mommy” when he’s referring to Kim and eventually they are able to pronounce it.

  8. hm, interesting issue! interesting to read what the other commenters said too…

    at this point, id be happy for bird to say any variation of ma/mama/mommy. she stubbornly refuses!

  9. Holland figures out the difference for real about two weeks ago. Now ilhe gets the mommy right and the mama right about 95% of the time. I bet it will be any day for Miles!

  10. Annie calls me Mommy and Carol Mama. It doesn’t matter what they are calling… it still always seems like you are the nanny or an aunt. Annie calls for her Mama all the time while we are shopping even if Carol isn’t with us. She just like to call out “Maammmmmmaaaa….. where aaaaarrrrreeeeee yooooouuuuu????” I am waiting for someone to ask me who I am sometime.

    Of course she insists on calling for the cat at the grocery store too so I don’t think it means much.

  11. our oldest decided to call us both by mama followed by our first names. despite all efforts he has continued to do this. it always elicits odd looks when we are out in public. perhaps we can try to change this with our two new arrivals…

  12. Hmmmm…. a similar thing happened yesterday at the doctor’s office… Julie told Lucas to “Go see Mommy…” which made me think that it appeared she wasn’t also his mother. We’ve tried to do the mommy and mama thing, but we suspect Lucas will eventually call us by something of his own choosing.

  13. My daughter calls my husband ‘mama’. And me. I think it may be just a word associated with comfort. I hope.

  14. We were just discussing this. Even though Daniel does distinguish me as mommy and Em as mama, it must sound strange to others when one of us is not around.

  15. Same here except she gets the distinction. If one of us walks away she cries for the right one but to strangers it doesn’t matter whether she’s crying for mama or mommy when they don’t realize we have both in our family; so annoying to appear to not be your kids mom!!

  16. reproducinggenius

    Yes, same here too, although BG definitely calls me “Mom-Mom” and J “Mama.” They typically sound the same though, and as a result, we do tend to get the look that says, “Well, that’s funny. I thought you were the mom.” I’m sure they’ll all figure it out eventually, but it is a strange side-effect!

  17. Funnily enough- W calls whoever in charge “Mama”. He knows that *I* am Mama and that Lolly is Lolly. But he also equates “Mama” with being the chief. So if my Mother is taking him somewhere he will sometimes call her Lolly OR Mama. And as the only Mama it sometimes stings a bit to hear him call someone else this name – but now that I see his double meanings I try to deal.

    (on the flip side- when W says the dogs name, “Charlie” it sounds a LOT like “Lolly” so Mom gets her feelings hurt a bit when she thinks he is calling the dog her name…heh)

  18. I just read a post from a blogger (can’t remember who) that said someone actually followed her out to her car and confronted her as she was removing her toddler from a store when he was misbehaving. The child kept screaming for the other mother and these people were really convinced she was abducting him. Scary! I don’t know what I would do.

  19. Hi there. Well three year old Danny calls me Mommy and Susanne Mama pretty consistently. And when he wants us both he screams “Mommy Mama!” at the top of his lungs. And lately he’s doing this kind of cute thing where he’ll say “aw mom!” to whichever of us he is talking to.

    We use the names for each other too which helps him I think. “Go ask Mama” I’ll say. Or Su will say “What did Mommy just ask you to do?” Stuff like that. I don’t think I’d like it if he used our names probably because I would never have called my own parents by their names. -Monica

  20. So funny! Our bean also did this for the longest time, but we still have the same problem now that she calls us different names. My partner commutes by train and the bean constantly says, “Mommy-choo choo train?” and I respond, “Yes, mommy’s on the choo choo train.” Cue the funny looks. It’ll be even worse when she starts throwing tantrums in public and screams that she wants her mommy. Oy. Good thing we carry a copy of her birth certificate with us!

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