Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

Snow day

Thanks for the support, everyone. At this time, Nutella is on the up-and-up and we’re all doing well. Of course, we lost power for 14 hours due to the heavy wet snowstorm, but it was mostly overnight and it didn’t get as cold as we thought it might. Luckily, Curly’s daycare was open the next morning and our work was closed. So we brought him in, went out for a cup of coffee, and by the time we got home, power was restored. With free hours ahead of us, we went to see The King’s Speech (wonderful by the way), and returned to the daycare early for our parent-teacher conference.

Curly’s’ main teacher thinks he’s doing great. He is average in most areas, behind in others, and advanced in just a couple. Apparently he has good rhythm for a kid his age which makes us happy since we’re both very musically-inclined people. He does great with gross motor skills and expressing himself physically, but his verbal communication is lacking. Sometimes boys take longer…and sometimes it just hasn’t clicked for the kid yet, regardless of sex. We’re not too worried (and neither is his teacher), although we have pondered intervention before, I won’t lie. But we’re going to give him more time. His receptive language is excellent and though his problem solving skills could be better, it’s mostly a lack of confidence in himself and lack of patience that frustrate him. She said he tends to be a bit quieter than the other kids, but joyous. He likes his own space but is getting better at interacting with his peers and sharing. He eats well, drinks well, takes pretty good naps, and enjoys being there. And he loves painting and sensory play, our artistic soul!

She spoke to us about The Biter as well. They have been shadowing her and working with her as best they can. They have meetings with her parents and the parents are very involved. Everyone is doing their best and it was reassuring to us to hear that. Overall, it was a nice meeting and we continue to be very happy with the set-up.

Here are some pics of Curly in the snow!

Loving the snowballs...

Not loving how they disappeared when he dropped them!