Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

Busted and broken down

Things have not been pretty the past few days at chez Vermillion. It started when Curly got his billionth cold last week. That in itself is nothing new, but then he started getting low grade fevers (100) which turned into one high grade fever (102) which turned into unexplained gunk all over his crib sheet. It didn’t take long to figure out what that gunk was when I was cleaning his ears in the bath and one of his ear canals was filled with crusty stuff (I hope no one is eating while reading this). As it turns out, his ear drum had ruptured, but take heart that it is not as bad as it sounds. This is only his third ear infection so far, so he’s not prone to them and doesn’t really let us know when he has them (no ear pulling, no waking up crying, etc). Apparently, the pain subsides once the ear drum membrane has ruptured, passing the excess fluid. I brought him to the doctor the next morning and he was put on an antibiotic.

Then disaster struck in two ways. First, due to a root growing into our water main pipe, our kitchen began flooding (thank goodness we were home to catch it) and waste water backed up out of our sink so that we had to bail it out several times. Horrible! This was Sunday night, and we had our co-op guys out to assist us at around 7pm, and then after several utter freak-outs, had our water utility people come out around 10:30pm to fix it. Then, a few hours later, Nutella and I both came down with the stomach flu (or dysentery because of the waste water….who knows!) We were up running to and from the bathroom all. night. long. By morning, we could hardly move, and when we did, we felt really nauseous. Curly was doing ok, but we barely had the energy to take care of him or bring him to daycare (it was a toss up for who was less likely to puke on the way). The next day we were feeling better, but not 100%.

Today I’m feeling great and Curly is doing well, but Nutella is back to feeling awful again. Maybe she really does have dysentery. But the snow is beginning to come down in earnest now so we’re pretty much trapped. Oh well, at least we have lots of toilet paper in stock.