Daily Archives: January 16, 2011

Sweet will only get you so far, kid

After brushing teeth, getting a bath, changing into pajamas, and reading a book or two, Strawberry and I hold Curly and sing to him before laying him down for the night.  It used to be that we took turns with the singing and laying down, but at some point a few months ago, when she left the room and I started to sing, he lifted his head from my shoulder and called out “mama!” pleadingly.  From then on, if we are both home we do it together.  One of us cradles him and the other hugs them both so that he’s all snuggled in to a mommy sandwich, and we sing.  Most of the time, he closes his eyes and sucks his thumb, but sometimes he gazes up at us with a tender smile, or reaches up to touch our faces, lips, teeth.  It’s pretty heart-meltingly sweet, and leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy when we shut the door.  But the other night, he took it a bit far.  First he was sucking his thumb, eyes open, and we noticed his finger creeped its way into his nostril.  We kept singing.  Then he reached up and tried to stick that finger up my nose.  Uh uh!  No go, kid!  I turned my head.  Then he went for Strawberry’s nose and got the same reaction, with a bit more drama, since she knew it was coming.  Luckily, by that time, the song was done and we kissed him and laid him down.  Once his door was closed, we quietly laughed and rolled our eyes.  And now it’s in writing so we’ll be able to tell him ALL about it when he’s grown up!