20 months

As Strawberry said, I’m insanely busy at work until January 22, so you get bullets written by her, and then posted by me.  It’s cheating.

Not a whole lot different than 18 months really, but Curly is doing the following:

  • Saying around 20+ words (dog, mama, baby, bye bye, hi, ball, (ba)nana, go, car, more, no, bubble, up, cup, done, apple and a few others).
  • Signing around 15 words (eat, please, done, ball, (ba)nana, want, bath, shoes, sleepy, baby, bird, butterfly, and a few others)
  • Loves to point at things using all his fingers with his fingertips pressed together
  • Will help us clean up his toys, and assist us with getting him dressed and undressed
  • Has gotten better at shape-sorting, and still loves to stack rings, cups and blocks
  • Thinks it’s his job to close all open doors and cabinets, sometimes scaring the crap out of his moms when he slams them
  • Has begun running in earnest, which is more like flailing
  • Still likes to give hugs and kisses, and will usually wave and blow everyone a kiss goodbye
  • Knows about 15 body parts
  • Sleeps from 7pm to 6 – 7am with one 2-3 hour daytime nap (we waited about 17 months for him to get down to one solid nap)

Biggest news of the week is, Curly was bitten ON THE CHEEK by a girl in his class on Friday.  The staff can’t tell us who did it, but we know because she’s a repeat offender and when she bit R (the just now 2 year old kid in the class, who also happens to be our neighbor) he told his mom who it was.  The bite looks more like a bruise today, and obviously he’s fine.  The biter got a time out, but what else can they do?  I mean, we know teaching him to slap her would be wrong, but would it be inappropriate of us to teach Curly to shout “BITCH” at her if she tries it again?

13 responses to “20 months

  1. mamaandmummy

    Hahahahah, I think you should totally teach him to shout “Bitch” at her. That would be fantastically awesome. He sounds so fun these days!

  2. I think you should teach him to say “Bitch, PLEASE!”

  3. wishinghopingpraying

    Don’t teach him to say Bitch, teach him to sign it instead! No one will know but we will all get a huge kick out of knowing he is calliing her a bitch in his own special way LOL! Sorry he got bit, it hurts and really brings out the mama lion in you when someone messes with your kid, right?

  4. lol I second Teaberry!

  5. Our bean is a repeat offender biter. Apparently, she’s only done it when other kids put their fingers in her mouth, but it’s still disturbing. We’ve had lots of talks about how we don’t bite our friends, but at this age what else can you do? I’m really glad our daycare doesn’t give timeouts, we don’t really believe in them. I hope Miles heals up quickly!

  6. Our little one has been biten too. They called me at work and said “I’m sorry to tell you that there’s been a biting incident involving your daughter” My response? “Oh no! Who did she bite??” Uhh, yeah, actually she was the one bitten. Superstar mom over here.

  7. I totally agree! Teach him to sign it 🙂

  8. LOL!! Love it! I agree with teaching him to sign bitch, that way he won’t get in trouble!

  9. I have looked up how to sign ‘bitch’ and it’s totally easy…I think he could learn it…

  10. Hahaahaaaa! Go for it! What’s the worst that will happen? A time out?

    Can’t believe that little boy is such a big boy now!

  11. He sounds so fun now!!! And so big.

  12. Bitten?? Ay yay. But ha – I love the idea of signing “bitch.” Why not? Useful in many different situations.

    You guys are so good at the updates. He’s really growing so, so fast. Go, Mr. Miles. I’m just catching up with you post our move; I’ve missed reading your blog!

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