Daily Archives: December 30, 2010

Giving up the restaurant and other things

When Curly was around 8 months old and loving baby-led weaning, we brought him to a restaurant with us, sat him down, and gave him food. He would sit for about 25 minutes, stuffing his face and we would smile and think to ourselves, wow! We are so lucky we have a kid that will sit nicely at a restaurant and just eat! Fast forward to now (or rather, a couple months ago). We are lucky if Curly lasts 10 minutes at his high chair and eats half of what we give him before he tries to tip his high chair over, starts whining and/or yelling, tries to throw a plate, smack his fellow diner (usually a mom), etc. Hello, toddler!

Eating in restaurants isn’t really feasible anymore. I’m not sure how long we’re going to give it up for the most part, but maybe we’ll see how it goes again when he’s 2. Or 2 1/2. Who knows. And while his eating is still better than a lot of toddlers I know, he definitely gets picky about things and has started to reject things we know he likes without even trying them. I was an extremely picky eater for a large portion of my life so I know this is karmic payback.

Anyway, Nutella and I are both off work this week (one of the perks of working at a university). Daycare, however, is open. And after spending 12 solid days with Curly 24/7 on the cruise, we were more than ready to send the sweet bugger to daycare while we enjoyed our free time together. So we’ve been sleeping in a tad longer, bringing him to daycare, and then doing things like seeing movies, going to museums, having fancy long lunches, going shopping, etc. It’s been lovely and we don’t feel guilty about it one bit 🙂

Wishing all our friends in blogland and real life a very happy new year. May 2011 bring new or more joy to you all.