Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

More firsts, and bon voyage!

Last week we got Curly’s first “school” picture from daycare…

As others have said, and we fully agree, we can’t believe how big he’s getting. And also, how the heck did they get this perfect picture?? Did they somehow drug the toddlers beforehand? And if so, I want some of those!

So, we thought he was looking pretty darn cute, but those ‘wings’ of hair over his ears have been annoying me (just me, not Nutella) and I was finally able to convince her that he needed a little trim. So yesterday the whole family got haircuts. Here is the documentation of “baby’s first hair cut”:

Denial: Maybe she's just brushing...

Sadness: Why they do this to me?

Anger: Ok, he wasn't angry about it.

Acceptance: Looks good!

So there you have it- freshly shorn Curly. And just in time for baby’s first cruise! We leave tomorrow and don’t come home until December 18th. At that point, our Goo.gle Readers will probably have 500+ entries so don’t expect to hear from us for a while. Best of luck and support to all those TTCing, keeping those babies safe inside (you know who you are), and birthing those babies (you know who you are, too! Especially Shroe!) Bon Voyage!